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'Peach vs. Falco is an even match up, Captain Falcon at top level is inconsistent' - Mew2King's Super Smash Bros. Melee tier list pt.2

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 5, 2014 at 2:03 p.m. PDT • Comments: 31

We here at EventHubs have just launched our Super Smash Bros. Melee tiers section in which players can go in and vote on match ups for all 26 characters.

In order to get a bit more than just match up numbers, we've tapped one of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players on the circuit today: Empire Arcadia's own Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman. In his Smash Bros. career, Jason has taken home the gold in a myriad of large events, including EVO, APEX, and more.

Today we continue with Mew2King's Melee tier list. This article takes a look at characters #14 - #6, and discusses why M2K feels each characters ranks where they do.

Zimmerman states that Peach can hold her own against one of the best characters in the game. He feels that although her match up with Falco is about 50/50, she still loses to each of the characters above her on the tier list.

Hit the jump to read part 2 of Mew2King's Super Smash Bros. Melee tier list breakdown.
14. Ganondorf
A very strong, and very easy to use character. However, I believe Ganondorf is extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, overrated. When you aren't on Yoshi's Story, he has a very hard time killing or approaching.

All forms of projectile camping or camping in general can beat him, and a good player will gimp his recovery very often. It is possible that Ganondorf is better than Mario, but I do not think he is better than any of the characters above him. He is very easy to use on the most basic level, but the more high level play you get, the more his weaknesses really shine out.
13. Mario
It is hard to rank Mario exactly, since he is so similar to Dr. Mario, however, due to a far worse Bair and Cape (super sheet; which does not go as high or low vertically which is very important, but goes better horizontally), his edge guarding becomes drastically worse.

One of his best moves, down smash, is also solidly weaker than Dr. Mario's down smash. Fireballs are also a lot worse than Pills/Megavitamins are. He can chain grab for longer %s however, and he does have a cape for better recovery (although Dr. Mario's horizontal aerial moving distance is a bit greater). I believe Mario is around 13th in the game.

12. Samus
Samus's wavedash back into a down smash, down tilt, grab, or forward tilt, are some of the staple things about her. She is also good vs Falco because of her Screw attack (up B) out of shield. I could see Samus being better than Luigi because of her strong match up vs Space animals (Fox/Falco) but that would be the only reason.

11. Luigi
Luigi's wavedash allows him to move across stages very quickly in a way that you often cannot react to it if he does it properly. Abate will do things such as dash away from you, wavedash at you, and then grab you into a down throw, and before you know it, you are already thrown, without any DI (directional influence), and then he combos you hard off of that.

His down smash at low % combos very, very hard into more down smashes or other aerials which work on all fast fallers and even Sheik. Marth is floaty enough to escape these combos quite easily. Luigi's fluid movement and decent combo game make him okay. He has a 3 frame 15% nair that combos into other moves which is very good to use, however, you can bait Luigis into this. He is also easy to shinespike or gimp with many characters.

10. Pikachu
I believe Pikachu is the 10th best character. Pikachu can chain grab the fast-fallers on FD, back throw to Nair or Uair or Fair+Uair to gimp almost any character, do a short hop Nair that combos and then land behind you so that you cannot punish him, he has a very powerful up smash and up throw combos into up smash often.

He is a good overall character. I could see him possibly being better than Dr. Mario because of how quickly and easily he can jump off stage to gimp the opponent and still recover quite easily if he misses.

9. Dr. Mario
He can chain grab basically everybody with up throw and down throw, edge guard amazingly with Bair and/or cape, pills are a decent projectile, and crouch cancel down smash is very good. These are all good tools, but his lack of range is a huge weakness.

8. Captain Falcon
The "borderline" character. Falcon is either the worst viable or the best un-viable character. He beats most characters with simple up throw then many Uairs, and he can 0-death very quickly, however they are not usually guaranteed and often require guesses/reads which makes Falcon at top level rather inconsistent. Being inconsistent is bad.

7. Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers have a far better match up vs the top tiers than Captain Falcon does. Fox/Falco/Sheik/Marth (debatable)/Puff (by far). I think it is wrong of the community to assume Falcon is better than Ice climbers. Ice climbers can 0-death you very quickly with one grab, but they rely on that a lot. Ice climbers are also better vs the top 4 characters in the game than Captain Falcon is.

6. Peach
Peach has about a 50/50 match up vs. Falco, but she loses to every single other character above her on the tier list. She also loses to Captain Falcon slightly, although that is debatable. She hard counters Ice Climbers.

Armada has won many nationals with Peach, such as Genesis 2, Apex 2013, and Apex 2014, so we know Peach is at least pretty good, but I think the above 5 characters are better. Peach is close to as good as Marth.

You can find part 1 of Mew2King's Super Smash Bros. tier list here on EventHubs.

Video source: VGBootCamp.
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