One Fei Long player wipes out five C. Vipers in a row - tons of Ultra Street Fighter 4 footage from Zecchou 2014 5v5 tournament

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 5, 2014 at noon PDT

The Zecchou 2014 event, a 5v5 Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, took place in Japan just the other day. Luckily, stream archives have been uploaded by Team Tengu, and they contain nearly 10 hours of awesome USF4 footage.

During this team competition, the #12 Fei Long in the USF4 arcade, Emirio Katoret, managed to take out an entire team of C. Viper players in one go. The Viper team wasn't a gang of newcomers, however; the #2 and #3 ranked C. Viper players were among the five who got wiped out by Fei Long.

This is only one highlight from the event, and there is a plethora of footage featuring many of the other characters on the roster, including Ultra Street Fighter 4's new fighters. Even if you're not here to check out the Fei Long win streak, chances are you'll find matches with characters you're interested in.

Check out the archives after the break.

You can find the Fei Long win streak at around 52:00 in the stream archive above.
Brought to our attention by XblackvegetaX. Tip sent in by DunnDeal.

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