Guile's health dropped to 950, Dhalsim loses 2-hit st.MK, Vega gains jump LK cross-up - top players detail changes found in latest USF4 console build

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • May 5, 2014 at 12:15 a.m. PDT

We've saved the best for last. Now that Northwest Majors VI and Stunfest have concluded, it's time to dig into all of the great discoveries -- the changes for characters other than Decapre -- that top players have found in the second-last console build of Ultra Street Fighter 4 that was on location test at the two tournament venues.

Filipino Champ goes through the changes for Sim in this latest version, with Saunic chiming in as well.

And VRyu Sensei and Air have been instrumental in finding out as many of the changes as they could for the fighting games community.

Hit the jump to see all of the changes discovered so far.

If you spot any discoveries we missed, let us know in the comments and we'll update this story accordingly.

Filipino Champ:
Sim is diff in this version of USF4 than the arcade build. No more 2 hit MK, all his dmg is back to 2012 but ST.F gets whopping 5 dmg lol fml

Ex upflame is back to causing Hard Knockdown and fireball into U1 works again..but he gets 2 good buffs: you can link st.strong juggle after ex yoga flame.

You can do combos like db.fierce > b.fierce > ex flame then juggle a st. Strong midscreen or B.RH if cornered.

Overall i think he is the same (as the) 2012 version but delayed wakeup helps him for sure.... I'm sorry guys I'm done using Sim, he is my backup now.

Dhalsim EX Flame now jugglable after, but cr.HP to Headbutt still not working as a standard.

Guile's health nerfed to 950 , CH on sonic boom's start-up.

Finally Viper's HP Thunder Knuckle FADC is -5 on block too.

VRyu sensei:
Makoto U2 startup is NOT invulnerable. Wtf!?!? It's not invulnerable on startup.

Makoto MK tsurugi still -3 on guard.

Yun seems very powerful. Better damage and seems faster.

Guile seems not having autocorrect anymore on U1 (Air said that Guile's U1 still autocorrects).

Guile has 950 life now.

Ken can cancel his Hp shoryu on 2nd hit (guard). Didnt test more things yet. I wont be able to check 1-2 frame change though.

Poison cannot cancel her sweep.

Poison can do LP > LP rekka, crMK > MP rekka from max range (according to KeFFi, cr.MK xx MP Rekka whiffs from a lot of ranges in the arcade version).

Zangief - (responding to a question from Ultra David, about if Gief's lp/mp hand xx ex red focus combo?) Only EX hand => Red Focus works.

Dhalsim can do crHP > headbutt > flame

Ibuki: Can juggle after target crHK>HK (kd state -- can follow-up with any normal, but leads to knockdown instead of a reset). No recovery after hop jump (dp+p)

Viper is -5 after hp TK fadc on guard

Hugo: Claps are easier to combo. Hp palm > ex palm > mp palm > lp palm > crLK > lariat (VRyu Sensei didn't test this, but Dawgtanian told him this was possible).

Command throw > ex palm *2 > u2

CCG Air:
Combofiend says Vega and Guy are top tiers in USF4? Also, the USF4 at nwm6 is the 2nd last build of console's release.

Guy's ex tatsu back to 4f startup. Not cancelable

Guy's and are really good now

Guy can now do close "counter hit" -> down forward hk flip kick into ultra into the corner

Rolentos roll on block is prob -6 now. i think both ex and normal

Rose can now do hp reflect combo into spiral without fadc.

Poison's rekka is -2 on block and her flip kick is +1 on block.

Ryu's ex fireball comes out faster now, not sure by how many frames. But i think its a new change after the arcade usf4 version

Vega can cross-up with jump LK (Air previously thought that jump MK was the move that can cross-up -- this has been corrected; our thanks to Haztlan for pointing out in the comments).

And I think Guile's U1 is not 5f no more doesnt punish a -5 move when I did a reversal :)

Sakura: She is nerfed overall (no details).

Ken can fadc on 2nd hit of HP SRK now (according to VRyu Sensei, this is only possible on guard).

Guile's U1 still auto corrects (VRyu Sensei said it doesn't seem to auto-correct, although he could be wrong).

Juri's forward jump hp knocks down again.

Juri crouch short cannot combo into crouch mk no more. Cheap s*** gone.

Chun-Li's regular spinning bird kick doesnt knock down anymore.

[Updates from comments]

Played Guile in Ultra. 950 life from 1000, and can no longer auto correct Ultra 1 like in the arcade currently. Counter-hit on Sonic Boom's start-up.

DeeJay is amazing! Safe LK sobat, EX machine upper hit invul, far st.LP> st MP link (nor sure if it exsists already) knee shot more hitstun.

Source: Filipino Champ, Saunic, VRyu Sensei, Air, Dieminion on Twitter. Submitted by David_I. With additional updates from commenters Zanpakto, Haztlan.

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