Dieminion: If Guile stays the same as the latest build of Ultra Street Fighter 4 I'll pick a new main, he's currently weaker than any other version

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • May 5, 2014 at 11:29 p.m. PDT

Kevin "EMP|Dieminion" Landon is regarded as the best Guile player on the planet in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, but if the latest build of USF4 holds up, he plans on finding a new main.

Dieminion felt that the latest build of Guile in USF4, the one at Stunfest 2014, was actually the weakest version of the character, he told EventHubs, and elaborated on his statements via his Twitter account this evening.

Landon said that the health reduction, combined with his already low stun and counter-hit on Sonic Boom makes him too weak defensively.

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Dieminion: Played Guile in Ultra today. 950 life from 1000, and can no longer auto-correct Ultra 1 like in the arcade currently.

The awkward thing is that he turns around as if it was auto-correcting, and then the opponent lands behind anyway....

Ryu Apprentice: Yay! So Gen Guile match-up return to 7-3 in Guile favor phew. Auto-correct ultra 1 is a bit too good for 5 frame ultra.

Dieminion: Yeah, but they removed the auto-correct and didn't give back the damage in return, only made it 5 frames.

Ryu Apprentice‏: Wow, that's bad, was hoping they buff it to 490 or there about. Guile is hard to play but delayed wake up will help a little.

Dieminion: If Guile stays the same as the latest build of USF4 for the console release, I'll be playing a new main character competitively.

I feel that the health changes, combined with low stun, plus the counter-hit on Sonic Boom, makes him too weak defensively.

Guile's main tool is now a risk every time you use it. He has the same life as many female characters with better tools than him.

I've been practicing many characters recently, but I'm not too sure who I will play next. Maybe I should make a poll & let the fans decide ;)

I just don't understand the reason of the nerfs. It's a weaker version of SSF4 AE v2012 Guile. I thought the point was to make characters better.

Well there will be plenty of time to figure out a new character to play. I don't mind not winning a few competitions for a little while.

TKD has just recently rated Guile in the Arcade as B+, so imagine with the newest build nerfs in effect.

Quotes from Kevin "Dieminion" Landon's Twitter account, additional tweets from Ryu Apprentice. Image of Dieminion from Karaface.

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