Why DP-FADC forward being -5 frames on block in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is fair - Jason24cf interviews GamerBee in this EventHubs exclusive

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • May 4, 2014 at 2:59 p.m. PDT

Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 made its debut in Japanese arcades two weeks ago, there's been quite a bit of criticism with some of the changed mechanics in the game.

Namely, the Delay Standing mechanic, which has been said to have turned the new version of Street Fighter into a slower-paced, even-more-defensive game; and the DP-FADC forward being -5 frames on block nerf, which hurts the characters who rely on it to land their Ultras.

But not all of the players in Japan share those sentiments. AVerMedia-sponsored player Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang, who's been training extensively with the new version of the game in Japan since its release, is one such player.

"I don't feel that the game's pacing is any slower, and have never heard any Japanese players talk about it," he tells EventHubs correspondent Jason24cf in this exclusive interview.

He also discusses the changes made to Adon in USF4, picks out the characters who he thinks are top 10 in this iteration, and explains why the DP-FADC forward nerf is actually quite fair -- for Adon it's not that bad at all, he says.

All that and more, after the jump.

Jason24cf: Hello Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang, thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions for Eventhubs.com.

It's been reported by many players, like Wao, Kim1234 and other players from Japan via twitter as well as other forums, that they all shared the consensus that "USF4 feels a bit slower". Do you feel this to be true as well? And if so, can you share your opinions as to why the game's pacing feels slower?

GamerBee: I don't feel that the game's pacing is any slower, and have never heard any Japanese players talk about it. But someone is saying that the move hitboxes appear to have been changed significantly, so I feel that [maybe what Wao, Kim1234 and the other players felt] is due to character hitboxes being changed.

Jason24cf: Your character Adon has received a few changes in USF4. You have mentioned a few of those changes on Twitter a few weeks ago. Having had more time to play USF4, how would you say Adon plays overall in USF4?

GamerBee: I will say that Adon is still good enough for tournament use, but it depends on match-ups. Some, like vs. Makoto and vs. Hawk has become very tough for Adon.

The Adon play style hasn't changed, but he did get a little weaker and it seems his tough match-ups like Cammy, Akuma, and Fei Long got weakened too, He gets a better chance against them right now.

The Air Jaguar's chip damage -50% is a hurtful change, but I would say that the most hurtful change is with delayed wake-up. I was hoping they could buff Air Jaguar Kick because it's really hard to master, so expert Adon players can be distinguished. And EX Air Jaguar Kick's both hits should have been overhead, otherwise there is no meaning to the move as you can do instant EX Air Jaguar Kick, and people could block the second hit right after blocking the first.

Jason24cf: One of the biggest changes made to USF4 was the change to DP-FADC-forward now being -5 on block. Do you feel this change has made an impact to your game? Reason I ask is, Adon has to forward dash after an FADC to connect his Ultra. Do you feel this change may hurt your character's comeback potential as well as the other characters who need a forward dash after DP-FADC to connect their Ultra?

GamerBee: I think the overall DP FADC -5 is fair, because all the top players in Japan can hold focus and see if it their move had hit before deciding whether to let the attack rip, or to backdash or forward dash. For Adon it's not that bad, I can still hold Focus then decide if I should forward or backdash.

Jason24cf: Aside from Adon and Elena, are there any other characters you may consider using in USF4?

GamerBee: I also find Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni interesting, besides Elena.

Jason24cf: What is your opinion on the addition of the "Red Focus Attack"? Does it add a new layer to the game and what are some of the advantages/disadvantage of its use?

GamerBee: People still are not willing to use 2 bars for Red Focus because there are not many guaranteed situations. But some characters get a huge buff due to the Red Focus Cancel like Yun, Viper and Makoto.

Jason24cf: It's always popular to talk tiers when it comes to fighting games and in this instance, USF4. Having played the game for a little over a week now, can you share with us your tier list as well as why you feel the characters you have selected are the new top 5-10 characters?

GamerBee: After 2 weeks of play, I feel that the top 10 right now are Juri, Sagat, Makoto, Yun, Yang, E.Ryu, Oni, Viper, Guile and Rolento.

Jason24cf: Lastly, if you have any final words or shoutouts to your sponsors!

GamerBee: I just want to say my thanks to AVerMedia for their great support, and for sending me to Japan for practice. If anyone reading this is looking for a stream/record device, please consider AVerMedia!

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