Decapre's combos not that great, moves have lots of recovery, hard to use overall - Justin Wong, VRyu Sensei and Air's findings at USF4 location tests

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • May 4, 2014 at 12:39 p.m. PDT

The second last console build of Ultra Street Fighter 4 (according to CCG Air) is on location testing at both Northwest Majors VI in Washington and Stunfest in France this weekend.

Several top players in the community -- EG Justin Wong, VRyu Sensei and CCG Air (on top of PR Balrog) -- have tried Decapre in this latest build, and have taken to Twitter to report their findings and give their two cents on the character.

Love her or hate her, it's undeniable that Decapre has captured the mindshare of most of the fighting games community, simply because she will be a strong competitive factor at EVO this year, due to her not being playable in the current arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Hit the jump to read what these top players have to say about Decapre.

Justin Wong: They have Decapre over here at Ultra location test at Stunfest.. Going to try her out and find some s***!!!

Played Decapre today. She is more of a defensive poking character. Standing HP and random over heads are amazing. Combos not that great.

I really like Decapre MK teleport and pressing the LP follow up to fake players out since you can use that, divekick, and seismo for mixup

Bad thing about Decapre is that her u2 is too fast. Sometimes you will miss but it's cool that you can combo into air throw then u1 mixup

Cool combo I found is EX MK teleport into seismo into DP with MP and FADC air throw. Basic combo is cr lk cr lp cr mp Lk teleport into slide.

Random Decapre footage I took

Also her target combo I was able to link from cr.lp into MP-HK target combo into air throw but range sucks on neutral MP. Good damage.

Most practical combo for damage for Decapre I tried was x2 into DP FADC air throw for 330 I think. Or x2 into slide 280?

Haven't tested properties like throw invuln or fireball invuln but I know her EX teleport on start up you can grab her out of it. :(

Oh what's cool is if you hit with her MK teleport into EX seismo you can jump cancel and do a jump normal instead of AT for mixup.

But... DECAPRE has to commit to EX teleport for the Ex version of the follow up. You can't use regular teleport and then use EX follow up :(

Decapre also can't really chip someone safely in the long run I think but her overhead is pretty much her free damage move.

(P.S. Justin got kicked out of his hotel room in France because the hotel apparently closes on Sunday. That's a terrible situation to be stuck with, especially mid-tournament. Show JWong some love, guys!)

VRyu Sensei: Decapre teleport seem not that good. Lot of recovery. Strike seems negative on block (maybe -1). Teleport punch doesnt seem to crossup anymore.

[Correction:] Yes Decapre teleport punch [can] crossup. Just have to wait for her to be high enough.

Decapre farHK seems to have lot more recovery than cammy. Meaty overhead with poison => crLP is 2hits

Decapre's moves seems to have lot of recovery.

Lp shoryu is strike invulnerable but throwable. Mp and hp is strike vulnerable but unthrowable

Decapre LP multihand is -3 on guard. Ryu can shoryu to punish

Decapre only juggle seem to be air throw and d/f+MK(overhead). Difficult to teleport crossup before u1 hit (so autoguard) except [if you perform Ultra 1 after] shoryu fadc

Can link from crHP>crLK. CrMK doesnt seem to work, but need moar test!

Wanted to test air spiral after target combo....but can only jump forward after target combo. LOL

CCG Air: I also tried decapre, she is sooo hard to use. Will take some footages tmr

(Testing 1/ mk > teleport > stop (advantage on block/hit) using Zangief's spd and 3f dps for Alioune) You can combo into the slide. Cannot combo from grounded opponents. Might be able to ultra though.

EG Justin Wong, VRyu Sensei, CCG Air on Twitter.

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