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'Kirby and Zelda are the two worst characters in Melee, Pichu is highly underrated' - Mew2King discusses his Super Smash Bros. tier list, pt. 1

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 2, 2014 at 7:48 p.m. PDT • Comments: 47

We here at EventHubs have just launched our Super Smash Bros. Melee tiers section in which players can go in and vote on match ups for all 26 characters.

In order to get a bit more than just match up numbers, we've tapped one of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players on the circuit today: Empire Arcadia's own Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman. In his Smash Bros. career, Jason has taken home the gold in a myriad of large events, including EVO, APEX, and more.

M2K was kind enough to send us a write up discussing where he feels each character lands on the tier list and why. Zimmerman's Melee tier list will be broken up into three articles, beginning with characters #26 - #15.

Right off the bat, Mew2King tells us that he feels both Kirby and Zelda are the worst characters in the game. He explains that Kirby does not triumph over any other character on the roster, and that Zelda is the most overrated fighter in the entire game.

Hit the jump check out part 1 of Mew2King's Super Smash Bros. Melee tier list.
26. Kirby
I just simply do not think Kirby is better than anyone else overall. Bair is the only great thing he has. His recovery is the easiest to edge guard in the game, and no good grab combos either. At least Uair is strong. Some may disagree but I cannot think of a worse character than Kirby.

25. Zelda
A very overrated character; all she has is a 4 frame B air really, and a 4 frame down smash. Sheik can even Fair her shield then do a grab before Zelda can shield grab which is just horrible. Just camp her, and don't get hit by Bair, and she really cannot do anything. She is the most overrated character in the game by far in my opinion.
Note: Mew2King mentioned that all of the following characters may not be in exact order, but are quite close to it.

24. Ness
Lack of range and a bad recovery make him pretty awful. His grab combos can at least be decent with Uair strings or throwing them off the stage. Fair is also okay and double jump cancel Bairs can be good. Ness's lack of a range is a real problem. Ness could be higher than 24th, but he is a lot better than Zelda and Kirby. Those 2 characters are by far the worst.

23. Bowser
Very limited and gimmicky. Up B out of shield is his best tool. This is the best Bowser video by far, but only works because of lack of knowledge of the matchup
22. Game & Watch
The worst shield in the game, a 2 frame up B OOS (one frame up B but 2 frames if OOS) but that's all he has. Fair is extremely good and his planking can be decent if you don't wavedash out of shield to punish it.
21. Roy
Very bad combo weight and gets chain grabbed or death comboed by many characters. Otherwise he's still Marth just with worse moves but he's not THAT bad due to being so similar to Marth.
20. Mewtwo
Mewtwo gets camped really hard, but has a good edge guard ability with Back air. His back throw can also lead to Up throw combos, up throw kill, back throw to edge guard, or back throw kills. However all you have to do is camp him and stay center stage and he cannot do anything. Good players will combo him very hard because he is light weight but also large and you can even hit his tail.
19. Pichu
A very underrated character, his Nair strings alone (which only have 6 frames landing lag which is the smallest in the game) is his staple bread and butter and once you hit one you can continue a string of hits.

He can also up throw up smash or up throw chain grab fast fallers. Pretty much to use Pichu, you use Nair in various ways for the most part. His forward roll and shield are both top tier. I think Pichu is underrated, even though maneuvering around and Nairing is his main thing it can be very effective in many situations just from that one move.
18. Link
Young Link has more good matchups than Link in my opinion, but Link's stronger and longer sword can make him pretty good at a lot of things. Lack of mobility can be quite an issue making him not very good vs any of the good characters.

17. Young Link
Pretty much only good for Uair strings (you can do up throw to Uairs on many characters such as Sheik for example) and camping Jigglypuff.

16. Yoshi
Amsa proved how good Yoshi could be with his large combos, the super armor from double jumping, the Uair strings, and the powershielding.

15. Donkey Kong
DK's up throw to Uair strings are his bread and butter game, and he is able to do many large combos by using cargo, up throw, into Uair strings. This is good against many characters, however, this is all he really has going for him. I do not believe there is a great top level DK to show that he can be the 15th best character. I may be very slightly overrating DK because without grab (and Bair) he is pretty horrible.

In our next article, Mew2King will discuss #14 - #6 of his Super Smash Bros. Melee tier list. We'll have one last article dedicated entirely to the top 5 characters in the game.

Big thanks to Empire Arcadia and Mew2King for taking the time to speak with us.

Video footage via VGBootCamp and UM Smash.
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