Fulgore cancels special moves into special moves, 'Shadow Tiger's Lair' stage spotted, KI reveal at E3 2014: Tons of notes from Microsoft stream

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 31, 2014 at 10:44 a.m. PDT

Updated: The full stream archive has been added to the story. The previous archive we used cut out prematurely, but you can now see the footage in its entirety after the jump.

Last week, Killer Instinct's Fulgore was shown off on Microsoft Studios' weekly stream. During the broadcast, a slew of information was revealed on season 1's final character.

We here at EventHubs have gone back, checked the tapes, and took down the most notable details. In this story, you'll find everything we know about Fulgore so far, along with other miscellaneous information revealed on stream.

To get the ball rolling, below we have screenshots of Fulgore's six different color options.

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Hit the jump to read the transcript and view the stream archive.

Fulgore information from MS Studios' stream

• Fulgore's Shadow Meter is different than every other character's in the game. It doesn't build up from performing attacks or blocking.

• He can charge his meter manually with a special move, QCB + kick. The amount of meter built, and recovery time, is relative to the strength of the button:

- LK = 1 small stock.
- MK = 2 small stocks.
- HK = 3 small stocks, can also be held to continue building meter.

• With full meter, Fulgore gets increased movement, jump, and dash speed. His dash receives a significant increase in range, and can be cancelled into attacks and throw.

With the use of meter, Fulgore can cancel special and shadow moves into other special moves, (with some limitations).

• Cancelling a special move into another special move costs 1 small stock of meter, (a full bar consists of 10 small stocks). Shadow moves cost 4 small stocks, and Fulgore's meter, when fully charged, has enough for 2 shadow moves, but leaves him with 2 remaining small stocks.

• While in Instinct Mode, Fulgore's meter regenerates automatically over time.

With full meter and Instinct Mode activated, Fulgore can perform his giant chest laser beam attack. This move hits 10 times, deals 41% of raw damage, generates potential damage, but scales very heavily when used in a combo.

• Fulgore's unique auto double trait also builds meter for him. After an auto double, holding the button down will result in a third hit, (much like Spinal's spectral manuals), that builds 1 small stock of meter.

• His standing heavy kick sends the opponent flying across screen and causes a hard knockdown. On block, it pushes the opponent away, and this attack is special cancel-able, which can lead into various mix ups and pressure.

• Forward + heavy punch is a two hit command normal, much like Jago's forward + heavy kick. The MS Studios team notes that since this attack hits fairly high up, it can be beaten out by certain low attacks.

• He also has a command overhead that is 18 frames of start up, which is quite fast in Killer Instinct.

• Fulgore's sweep moves forward, starts up very fast, and has great range.

• Jumping medium kick is a strong cross up attack, and jumping heavy punch is also notably good.

• Fulgore also has one of the best crouching medium kicks in the game.

• Fulgore's fireball special move has returned, and the number of fireballs thrown is relative to the strength of the button pressed:

- LP = 1 fireball
- MP = 2 fireballs
- HP = 3 fireballs

The HP version is great for chip damage due to its multi-hitting function. Each fireball can also be followed up with a manual from close range, but they are not + on block, only hit.

The MS Studios team mentions that using the LP fireball for teleport mix ups is better than HP because the special move cancel window is larger for the former rather than the latter.

• Fulgore's eye laser attack (QCB + punch) is also back, and each button strength performs a different version:

- LP = laser fired down. This attack is +1 on block and an opener.
- MP = straight laser. This is a fast, long ranged poke/opener.
- HP = diagonal-upward laser. Works well as an anti-air.

All of the eye lasers can be cancelled into and cancelled out of other special moves.

The shadow version of eye lasers pushes the opponent fairly far away on block. It can also be performed in the air.

Fulgore is a "meter character" and can be played as a zoner. The MS Studios team feels he isn't as difficult to learn as Sadira or Glacius.

• His rush-punch special move can be charged. The longer the charge is held, the more hit-stun/block-stun it will have. It can also be cancelled into an uppercut, even on whiff, at the cost of 1 small stock of meter.

• Fulgore's uppercut has a 2 frame start up.

• His teleport move is performed like an uppercut: DP+K. Fulgore's teleport differs from Spinal's in that it is screen relative:

- LK teleport = left side of screen.
- MK teleport = middle of screen.
- HK teleport - right side of screen.

The teleport is not invincible until Fulgore is completely invisible, so it cannot be used on wake up to escape.

Shadow version of teleport is an attack that immediately travels behind the opponent and is an opener. The attack is actually a bit slower on start up than it appears.

• His Ultra is performed by inputting DP + all 3 punches.

• Fulgore's giant chest beam attack does have start up, and he can be hit out of before it fires. This will still deplete Fulgore's entire meter.

• One of the changeable accessories is Fulgore's ponytail; it can be removed. The MS Studios team also notes that his classic costume is "very authentic."

Other information

• Season 2 has officially been confirmed.

The stage select screen showed an additional stage called, "Shadow Tiger's Lair."

• All classic costumes will not be released by April 9th.

It was mentioned on stream that there will be something Killer Instinct related shown at E3 this year.

• Shadow Jago will undergo some big changes in the future, but Double Helix Games will not be handling that work.

• The team will consider making future characters have unique shadow meters.

Archive source: Xbox on Twitch. Thanks to GodzOfTheArenaTV for sending us the full archive.

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