Decapre no longer has a grounded Spiral Arrow, has a 3 frame combo Ultra, and is only 85% complete: Everything we know about USF4's 5th character

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 17, 2014 at 10:35 a.m. PDT

At Final Round 17 last night, Capcom finally revealed the identity of Ultra Street Fighter 4's final character: a Cammy-like M. Bison doll named Decapre. Since then, quite a bit of information on this new warrior has been revealed, coming from the initial Capcom Fighters live stream, IGN, and Nico Nico.

We here at EventHubs went in and grabbed all of the Decapre details we could from these sources, and compiled them into a list for you to check out. In this story, you'll find everything we know about USF4's fifth character so far.

According to Capcom Japan's USF4 producer, Koichi Sugiyama, the Final Round 17 build of the game is not the most recent, and Decapre has already received some changes. Her most notable tweak is her inability to perform the Spiral Arrow special move on the ground, (during the FR17 stream, we saw that she could originally do the move on both the ground and in the air.)

After the jump, you'll find our notes broken up into two sections: The first being the FR17/IGN notes, and the second from the Nico broadcast. We've added an indicator in the latter section to let you know what has changed since her original iteration.

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Decapre notes from Final Round 17 stream and IGN breakdown

• Decapre is a charge character who is very mix-up heavy.
• She plays similarly to Juni from the Street Fighter Alpha series.

• She can perform her Spiral Arrow attack in the air, but being that it's a charge move, it'll mostly be used when jumping backward.

• Has a command dash special move in which she becomes invisible for a portion of it. It can travel horizontally, or take her up into the air, (the stream notes that she goes up at around 45 and 70 degree angles.)

• She has multiple follow up moves from the command dash, including a dive kick, returning to her starting point, dropping straight down, a ground pound, and more.

• She has an uppercut move that is performed like a Flash Kick, (holding down for 2 seconds, then hitting up and attack.)

• Her normal attacks are similar to Cammy's.

• Her Psycho Stream Ultra is very much like Dhalsim's Yoga Catastrophe, but travels further. It moves slowly across screen, and hits a total of 9 hits. It has a fairly slow start up, so using it when an opponent is getting up could leave you susceptible to a reversal Ultra.

• If you use her air command dash and do not use one of the follow ups, once the dash animation is over you can proceed to hit air normals. The stream notes that ComboFiend showed a particular set up where Decapre used the medium version of her air command dash from about 80% of the screen away from the opponent, and was able to successfully hit a cross up attack.

• She has an overhead attack that hits from a very far distance away.

• Her Super and command dashes, although resembling teleports, do not have projectile invulnerability.

• Decapre also has a Hundred Hand Slap type move where she runs forward and hits multiple times.

• She can perform target combos as well, one of which puts the opponent into a juggle state.

• Decapre's DCM (Ultra 2) is a combo Ultra with a 3 frame start up. There are three different versions of U2: a ground version that moves horizontally, an anti-air, and another anti-air that hits at a different angle, (like her air command dash moves). ComboFiend hit a crouch heavy punch into DCM on stream. He also hit teleport - EX ground pound follow up into U2.

• The regular ground pound move isn't safe on block, around -7.

• Her close heavy punch hits twice, like Vega.

• Command dashes have a red line as a visual indication of which she is using. The EX version of ground command dash can be used to escape pressure after she's knocked down. ComboFiend notes that she has escape options that don't necessarily lead to attacks, but will get her out of harm's way.

• The Capcom team is focusing heavily on balancing Decapre in order to avoid her being overpowered upon release. Due to the utility of her Ultras, ComboFiend mentions that she will be more inclined to use Ultra Combo Double, as opposed to characters that will benefit more from single Ultras.

• As she stands right now, Decapre is only 85% complete. She is subject to change by the time Ultra Street Fighter 4 is released in June.

The build of Ultra Street Fighter 4 that Capcom's Peter Rosas (Combofiend) used to show off Decapre yesterday at Final Round 17, isn't actually the latest one, Capcom Japan's producer for Ultra Street Fighter 4 Koichi Sugiyama revealed on an official "Hagi Toko" live stream a couple of hours ago.

Even before players have got their hands on the new character at location tests, Capcom has already begun tweaking her moves for balance reasons -- and producer Sugiyama insisted on saving the latest build, which was just compiled last week, for a world exclusive on the Capcom Japan live stream.

EventHubs' own KarbyP sat in on the stream, and gathered even more notes on Decapre. You can read some of the changes she's undergone since the Final Round stream, along with other bits of information.

"Hagi Toko" live stream Decapre notes

• (Changed from FR17) Decapre's HP -> HK target combo has been changed to MP -> HK. After launching your opponent, if you're close enough to trigger close standing HK, you can now jump-cancel the target combo and follow up with additional attacks -- including Decapre's aerial grab. There also appears to be a new MP -> HP target combo.

• (Changed from FR17) Ground Cannon Drill or Spiral Arrow has been removed. The special move can now only be performed in the air.

• (Changed from FR17) Some of Decapre's teleport attacks now generate an afterimage, which makes them easier to track and defend against.

• (Changed from FR17) Psycho Stream ultra in the latest build will now knock down an opponent on hit, and launch the opponent to put it in a juggle state on counter hit.

• As she's a charged character, producer Sugiyama thinks that even for players who can't yet perform the dragon-punch, they'd be able to play Decapre.

• Light, medium and heavy variants of Psycho Sting have different invincibility properties. One version has strike invincibility, while another has projectile invincibility.

• Hundred hand slaps (claws?) hit from pretty far -- even after you've pushed your opponent away with three crouching light jabs.

Sources: Capcom Fighters, Nico Nico, IGN.
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