EventHubs asks: Should Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select become the tournament standard?

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 6, 2014 at 6:31 p.m. PST

During the finals day of SoCal Regionals 2014 this past weekend, Capcom unveiled a new option set to be included in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Deemed, "Edition Select," this feature allows you to choose any character from all versions of Street Fighter 4, returning them to their former glory of the version you choose, (for example: Street Fighter 4 Sagat or Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Yun).

Capcom has confirmed that this mode will only be available to use in offline play, so even though we won't be seeing Vanilla Sagat in ranked matches, this does leave us wondering what will happen with tournaments.

Tournament organizers potentially have the option of holding strictly Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournaments going forward, using Edition Select as the definitive format, or holding one of each, making for two separate tournaments. While having both types of tournaments at each event would be ideal, and great fun to see, time constraints, entrants, and other factors could eventually get in the way.

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On one side of the coin, we have USF4-only tournaments. Making it so that each tournament operates under this standard would more than likely be the easiest to maintain consistently. This would put all players on equal ground, keeping things like match up knowledge in the confines of Ultra, and not requiring players to remember every trait of every character across all versions.

However, using Edition Select as the main event would definitely make things very interesting. With each subsequent update in the Street Fighter 4 series, players have dreamt of using past versions of their favorite fighters. Not only that, but seeing those incredibly strong versions of characters like Sagat, Yang, and the like, go up against new warriors like Rolento and Elena would be highly entertaining.

Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 won't be hitting consoles until early June, we won't quite know how things will pan out until then.

So in the mean time, we here at EventHubs want to pose the question to our readers, (that means you.) Should Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select be the tournament standard going forward?

Feel free to cast a vote in our poll below, and sound off in the comments explaining why you feel this way.

Should USF4's Edition Select become the tournament standard?

1. No. Tournaments should only use USF4 as the standard to avoid complications.: 994 votes / 70.3%
2. Yes. Using Edition Select as the standard will make events more interesting. : 280 votes / 19.8%
3. I'm fine with either decision. : 139 votes / 9.8%

Total votes: 1,413

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