PR Balrog says Boxer is much stronger in USF4; gets scarier with every EX bar he gains - feels Akuma now loses to Balrog and Evil Ryu

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 18, 2014 at 2:36 p.m. PDT

Now that Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been in the public's hands for a little over two weeks, top players are beginning to divulge their opinions on characters, match-ups, and tactics via social media. Evil Geniuses' own Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez took to Twitter yesterday in order to shed some light on what he thinks of his main character in the SF4 series update.

"People [are] asking me if Balrog is good; [the] answer is yes, and he's a lot stronger than he was before because of Red Focus and -1 Dash Punch on hit," Perez explained. He added that Delayed Wake-Up has also improved Boxer because the new mechanic allows him to block oncoming attacks a bit easier.

Continuing on the subject of Balrog's improvements, Eduardo feels that the match-up against the SSF4 AE v2012 top-tier, Akuma, has since shifted to benefit 'Rog. "Balrog vs. Akuma now is probably in Boxer's favor because of Ultra 1 not missing the last hit, Delayed Wake-Up, and Red Focus combo = stun on the next hit."

EG|PR Balrog has been frequenting another character in tournament play lately -- Evil Ryu. When asked if he'd be switching to his alternate fighter when facing consistent tournament rival Infiltration going forward, 'Rog says that he's not quite sure at the moment. Although he describes his losses to Infiltration as more of a loss to himself and the desire to land combos, he does mention that he feels Evil Ryu is also advantageous over Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

In the event that his two characters are pitted against each other, Perez says that Balrog will always give Evil Ryu problems because of the latter's reliance on jumping and crouching medium kicks. He notes that in USF4, Balrog gets stronger with every stock of EX meter he gains.

"Balrog has to focus more on getting meter now because he gets scarier every single EX bar he gets," Eduardo explained. "Basically how Gen used to be."

Overall, Eduardo considers his main character a much better fighter in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Source: EG|PR Balrog on Twitter.

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