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Super Smash Bros. invitational results, stream archive feat. PPMD, Hungrybox, Ken, Zero and more

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 10, 2014 at 4 p.m. PDT • Comments: 46

Updated with final results, stream archive: We've added the results for the Super Smash Bros. invitational event into this story, along with a stream archive.

Nintendo is hosting the Super Smash Bros. invitational tournament today, and a number of terrific Smash players are in attendance, like EG|PPMD, CRS|Hungrybox, TL|Ken, CT|Zero and quite a few others.

Here's an image with a complete breakdown of every player competing.

Click image for larger version

Super Smash Bros. Wii U - Results

1. CT|Zero (Zero Suit Samus)
2. CRS|Hungrybox (Kirby)
3. Amsa (Olimar)
3. Lilo (Wii Fit Trainer)

5. PewPewU (Mario)
5. PeachyHime (Villager)
5. TheRapture (Little Mac)
5. TL|KoreanDJ (Rosalina)

9. DJ Nintendo (Bowser)
9. Toph (Pit)
9. Milktea (Pikachu)
9. Crismas (Zelda)
9. EG|PPMD (Fox)
9. Hugs (Mega Man)
9. MacD (Greninja)
9. TL|Ken (Marth)

Fan favorite tournament results

1. EG|PPMD (Fox)
2. Hugs (Mega Man)
3. PewPewU (Mario)
3. TL|KoreanDJ (Rosalina)
5. MacD (Greninja)
5. TL|Ken (Marth)

Stream hosted by Nintendo.
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