Nuki was disgusted by 15-year-old Daigo's lame Guile in SF2 at first: New manga series depicts The Beast's teenage years, appearances by Xian, Tokido

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • July 25, 2014 at 10:57 a.m. PDT

When Nuki first met MCZ|Daigo, the latter had been a new kid on the block in the arcade that Nuki frequented.

The year was 1996. Although both Nuki and Daigo were both 15 at the time, Nuki had already been a familiar face in his local arcade scene. He was known not only for his amazing ability to rack up humongous win streaks, but also for being a nice guy in general.

Despite his friendly disposition, however, when Nuki first saw Daigo in the arcades, he didn't even bother walking up to talk to him. He was too disgusted by the lame way that Daigo had been playing Guile in SF2 to want to, the first chapter of "Umehara Fighting Gamers", a new manga series based on The Beast's teenage years, reveals.

Although it's entirely in Japanese, you can read Umehara Fighting Gamers for free in a "Shuukan Georgia" smartphone app that's available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

The first two chapters, which came out today, not only features Daigo and Nuki in their teenage years; MCZ|Tokido and RZR|Xian also made cameo appearances in a brief introduction of the FGC to readers.

Check out their mugs in the images below, as well as a concise summary of what the first two chapters covered after the jump.

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After Nuki's brief encounter with Daigo, the two would not see each other again until well over a year later.

During that period of time, Nuki had temporarily left his local FGC for a bit. Shortly after he first saw Daigo, Nuki decided to enter a Street Fighter Alpha 2 Japan nationwide tournament, at the behest of a friend who jokingly suggested that he should enter and dominate.

Nuki ended up taking first place in the nationwide SFA2 tournament; but he had been disappointed. In the first place, his main reason for joining the tournament was to meet other strong players. Unfortunately, he did not find any that met his expectations.

And so he left the scene to start a band with his friends, using the money that he would normally reserve for playing fighting games, to buy instruments and to go out for frequent karaoke singing sessions.

While Nuki had left, however, Daigo was just getting started. A bunch of parallel panels in the manga show Daigo training in fighting games while Nuki had been singing karaoke and playing musical instruments.

Nuki would only return to the scene about a year later, when Capcom announced Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Saviour). He had been captivated by Lilith's design from a game magazine that he read, and decided that he would go the one of the game's early location tests -- during which he racked up a win streak of over 99 wins (the counter could not go over 99).

Despite not having played fighting games that regularly, Nuki was convinced that he still got it. When Darkstalkers 3 came out, he stuck with his main girl Lilith, and decided to join a local DarkStalkers 3 tournament on a whim, thinking that it would be a breeze since he was the SFA2 Japan national champion.

And that's where he met Daigo for the second time in his life; as an opponent at the Darkstalkers 3 tournament.

Chapter 2 of the manga series stops there, right before two of Japan's five fighting game gods were able to face off against one another in a tournament for the very first time.

Don't forget to download the free app (only available through the Japanese regional iTunes and Google Play app stores - search for "Georgia") to show your support for this amazing manga series!

Source: Shuukan Georgia.
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