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Maya revealed as Killer Instinct season 2's next playable character; Air Counter Breakers, Stage Ultras, and more to be added

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 11, 2014 at 2:44 p.m. PDT • Comments: 81

Updated: Maya has been revealed as Killer Instinct season 2's next playable fighter. We have added a few more images, including a glimpse of her stage.

What we know so far is that Maya's play-style heavily revolves around her daggers. She has the ability to lose them, has something called "Blade Bouncing," and she can even level up her weapons. KI Central notes that Maya can recapture her daggers, using them similarly to a boomerang.

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Below you will find more details from the KI panel.

More notable information from the EVO 2014 panel

• Air Counter Breakers are being added in the next installment.
- All characters will be able to utilize this new mechanic.

• "Stage Ultras" are also being added in season 2.
- We can expect more info on them soon.

• Season 2 is expected to be "bigger and badder," and the developers are looking to add more substantial features and modes, such as new ladder systems.

• There will be more content than season 1, and luckily, we can expect to see bundles similar to the previous installment.

• The development team said that they intend to do a better job with season 2 classic costumes in order to ensure they are as close to the originals as possible.

• There will be a lot more to the Killer Instinct story in season 2.

• Maya's stage is set in South America. The dev team states that Maya's use of daggers changed the combat system.

• The rank limit will exceed 40 in season 2.

• There will be no violent "Fatalities" this season.

• Returning characters will undergo changes, and Fulgore is getting tweaks that will make him more accessible.

Source: Big thanks to KI Central for live tweeting the EVO panel. Promotional image via Michael Robles.
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