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Fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 character officially confirmed to be debuted at Final Round 17, JAEPO 2014 location test opinions from Japanese players

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • February 21, 2014 at 9:28 a.m. PST • Comments: 116

Two weeks ago it was strongly hinted by Capcom that the final new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 would be unveiled at Final Round 17, which takes place from March 14th to March 16th.

This was officially confirmed by Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer Tomoaki Ayano in today's Saikyo blog post. In the post, a table was also printed which showed the latest location test opinions from Japan, this time from the recent JAEPO 2014 event.
Hit the jump to see the latest opinion ratings.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Rolento opinions

Good: 12%
Pretty good: 55%
Not very good: 28%
Bad: 5%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Elena opinions

Good: 12%
Pretty good: 45%
Not very good: 36%
Bad: 7%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Poison opinions

Good: 25%
Pretty good: 53%
Not very good: 12%
Bad: 10%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Hugo opinions

Good: 22%
Pretty good: 58%
Not very good: 12%
Bad: 8%

Ayano noted that people seem to be pretty pleased with Poison, and that she was the most played character at the location tests. He also said that a lot of the complaints regarding Elena centered around her not being very "Elena-ish", which is something the development team is looking into..

The blog post also reported on general opinions regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4's system changes.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Ultra Combo double opinions

Good: 16%
Pretty good: 66%
Not very good: 8%
Bad: 10%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Red Focus opinions

Good: 13%
Pretty good: 42%
Not very good: 37%
Bad: 8%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Delayed wakeup opinions

Good: 24%
Pretty good: 37%
Not very good: 36%
Bad: 3%

Any thoughts on the newest opinion rankings? Let us know in the comments.
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