Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins updates now live on PlayStation 3; Xbox 360 patches delayed

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 12, 2014 at 1 p.m. PST

The official Iron Galaxy Twitter account announced earlier today that update #3 for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online edition is now live for PlayStation 3 users. The patch is expected to drop for Xbox 360 users next week, but it could take a bit longer.

Additionally, Iron Galaxy stated that an update for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is also available on PS3 today, however, it too will be delayed a bit on Xbox 360.

If you'd like to check out what is being fixed in SF3 OE, hit the jump for the full list of patch notes.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition update #3 notes

• We have successfully migrated all the netcode improvements from MvCO and Darkstalkers to 3SOE, and in our tests the game behaves identical to those in the wild.

• We replaced ping colors with numbers (in milliseconds).

• Added filters for region (your current region, or all), opponent skill, and ping. It’s worth noting that the game will still return you matches that don’t match this criteria if none matching your criteria are found.

• When creating a lobby you can make it so only people in your region can join.

• Fixed the problem with the order of the lobby getting jumbled when people ready up.

• Can “Mute All” on PS3 now.

• Rank should, in theory, never get reset to 0. If your rank is currently 0 you will be stuck that way, however.

• Moved ready/unready to separate buttons.

• Leaderboards get updated faster/more reliably on PS3.

• YouTube uploads on 360 will now be at 360p.

• Defaulted Gill to “banned” in Player Match.

• Super Art bars are now the correct length.

• Can now turn off the Challenge bars on the in-game UI.

• Added “Disable Stun” to training options.

• We now remember the super art selected in player select, and default to that selection when you return to player select. It doesn’t auto-pick it, just highlights it.

• Difficulty now affects Arcade Mode.

• Fixed visual glitch in Remy’s Stage with scan lines on.

• Fixed color for Urien’s Reflector (P2).

• Fixed color for Poison (P2).

• Made some changes to how Ryu’s bag falls over.

• Fixed some random locks/hangs.

• Added color bars by the character portraits on the UI that match the major colors selected by the player.

Patch notes via Iron Galaxy. Tips sent in by poke-dudeo_o, solidoutlaw, Shinkuu_Kikoken, FastyMcNasty.

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