The fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 character strongly hinted to be debuted at Final Round 17, more beta location test opinions from Japanese players

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • February 7, 2014 at 9:35 a.m. PST | Comments: 108

We've got some new opinions from Beta test participants of Ultra Street Fighter 4 in Japan for all of our loyal readers today, but that's not all.

Towards the end of the latest Saikyo blog post, Ayano gives off a strong hint, mentioning when and where the final character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be announced, and while not outright stating it's at Final Round 17, he very strongly hints it.
Hit the jump for the beta test opinions, as well as Ayano's remark regarding the final piece of missing information regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4.
After wrapping up the Beta location tests fully, here are the current opinions Capcom has received regarding the Ultra Street Fighter 4 characters. They appear quite a bit lower than the last Beta location test evaluations.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Rolento opinions

Good: 15%
Pretty good: 35%
Not very good: 36%
Bad: 14%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Elena opinions

Good: 19%
Pretty good: 22%
Not very good: 48%
Bad: 11%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Poison opinions

Good: 23%
Pretty good: 43%
Not very good: 30%
Bad: 4%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Hugo opinions

Good: 14%
Pretty good: 29%
Not very good: 35%
Bad: 22%

Ayano noted that people seem to be pretty pleased with Poison, and that she was the most played character at the location tests. He also said that a lot of the complaints regarding Elena centered around her not being very "Elena-ish", which is something the development team is looking into..

Next were the opinions regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4's system changes.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Ultra Combo double opinions

Good: 21%
Pretty good: 30%
Not very good: 25%
Bad: 24%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Red Focus opinions

Good: 14%
Pretty good: 38%
Not very good: 41%
Bad: 7%

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Delayed wakeup opinions

Good: 22%
Pretty good: 30%
Not very good: 23%
Bad: 25%

There was also a poll asking for what people would most like to see the development team focus on for the new game. While there weren't any concrete numbers or percentages for this, below you'll find a ranking of the four options in order of interest.

Development team focus points

1. Decisive balance changes
2. New alternate costumes
3. Official world tournaments and other real-life events
4. Improvement of the contents for their mobile sites and such

Just when it looked like the blog post was about to wrap up, Ayano had something more to say. Below, you'll find his statement translated by EventHubs very own MajinTenshinhan.

... Wait, we have something quick to report!

We just received some information from Capcom USA!!

Okay, hmm, let's see...

That piece of "information" that all of you are the most interested in will be announced at "that tournament"!

The hint is



Hmhm. Just what do these mysterious numbers mean?!

Converting these binary numbers into decimals gives us the following:



Quick decoding of these numbers show that they could be translated to "Final Round". All evidence points towards the fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 character being announced at Final Round, but no official confirmation as of yet.

Thanks to RvlvA for sending this in.

Source: Capcom Saikyo Blog.
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