'The way I play KI is a little different; I go for optimized, guaranteed damage' - Justin Wong feels Sabrewulf is the best, talks KiT, and more

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 4, 2014 at 9:19 a.m. PST

Coming off of his 1st place Killer Instinct victory at Kumite in Tennessee, Justin Wong sat down with his sponsorship team, Evil Geniuses, to talk a bit about the game.

The top 8 of KiT had 5 Sabrewulf players place, and Justin feels this is no coincidence. He says that the rabid wolf is currently the best in the game's early life, and the only character that can actively beat him is Glacius.

Justin explains that Sabrewulf is the only character that has grounded target combos, which leads to quick, unbreakable combos. While most characters in the game play more in the Street Fighter style, the Evil Geniuses member says that Sabre is a "charge character that doesn't need to charge."

"Right now, I think he's the best character in the early game. He's very easy to play. What stands out with Sabrewulf is that he is the only character able to chain his normals. Other character play more like Street Fighter characters where you do a normal into a special, but not Sabrewulf," Justin said.

"He gets easy target combos that he can cancel into super. Him being so easy is the reason I picked him in the Microsoft Tournament. He's a charge character that doesn't need to charge."

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Justin goes on to say that his way of combo-ing in Killer Instinct is a bit different than other players at the moment. Instead of going for frequent manuals, trying to score a lock out and deal big damage, he focuses on optimizing guaranteed damage.

He notes that when the game first launched, everyone was trying to hit heavy Auto Doubles, but now, the combo method has evolved. Players now go for what Justin calls "cheap, easy damage," meaning they perform a light Auto Double, and go straight into an Ender for quick damage.

There's quite a bit more to this interview, so be sure to hit the link below to read Justin's thoughts on Spinal, (based off of his announcement trailer), game-plans during his KiT grand finals set with EG|PR Balrog, and more.

Source: Jason Stewart over at Evil Geniuses. Photo via Karaface.

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