Ono feels Capcom's new hires should want to leave Japan, said company needs to view DLC as a system they're supposed to have

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • February 4, 2014 at 7:40 p.m. PST

During an internal investor relations interview, Yoshinori Ono was asked about what kind of people Capcom should hire going forward.

"Simply put, people who want to leave Japan," he said.

Asked for clarification on what he meant, Ono added that, "People involved in global business development who only know Japan have no real hope of accomplishing anything.

"To offer services adapted to each region, you need to take an active interest in regions outside Japan, and make an effort to understand their local customs and culture," said Ono

He closed out the sentiment noting that, "People who work at Capcom are expected to take a broader view of the world."

Ono was also quizzed about DLC, to see the rest of his responses, click the Read more link below.

Next the interviewer inquired about Ono's stance on the development of DLC. He stated that they need to provide a large variety at a good price, and be in line with what people want to see.

"The important [thing] is not viewing DLC as a form of added value," he expressed, "but as a system that we're supposed to have."

He followed up by saying that the company needs to monitor the trends of their users, immediately following a title's release, and put out DLC content within a month that reflects their interest.

"There's no point in making a service people don't need. Even if the service is made available for free, no one will use it if it serves no purpose," said Ono.

"Demand for a paid service naturally emerges if people feel it's something they need," he concluded.

Source: Capcom's investor relations page.

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