Yoshinori Ono will share another 'secret detail' about Street Fighter V at Capcom Cup next week, teases elements that fans have always wanted

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After the PlayStation Experience keynote address was over, Famitsu.com caught up with Capcom's Yoshinori Ono for a brief interview to talk about the series' future.

In this interview, Ono talks about how the gameplay footage of Ryu and Chun-Li fighting were originally not meant to be shown for today, what kind of special announcement he's got prepared for next week, and why fans of past Street Fighter games would find it appealing.

Find out more in our full translation of the interview below.
---Famitsu: Finally, Street Fighter 5 has been officially announced!

Yoshinori Ono: (With a slightly bitter smile) Well, first of all, my sincere apologies about Capcom accidentally leaking the news beforehand. What I heard happened was that the PR team was so excited for this announcement that they got careless with it. My apologies to our friends in the media.
---No, it's fine. We were more worried about what Ono-san you were going to do when you go up on stage [after the leak happened].

Ono: After the leak happened, we held an emergency meeting with SCEA (laughs). Today we showed off some footage of Ryu and Chun-Li fighting, right? To be honest, that was actually not originally meant to be shown today (at the PlayStation Experience event).

---Huh, was that the case?

Ono: Yes. We were planning to use that for the Capcom Cup next week in San Francisco. However, after the leak happened, we thought that we probably wouldn't be able to get away with not showing any gameplay footage [and not end up disappointing the fans]. So we made a decision, at the eleventh hour, to alter our plans.

---Right, that makes sense.

Ono: With that said, we're planning to share another secret detail about Street Fighter V next week, so fret not [as it won't be a repeat]. (Laughs)

---We're looking forward to that! Putting that aside, what are your thoughts now, after having gone on stage to make today's announcement?

Ono: It felt really good. The audience's response to the characters shown was great -- but then again even at a similar convention like Comic-Con, you'd get that sort of response.

More than that, since PlayStation Experience is an event where game fans are gathered, the part that actually received the biggest reaction from the crowd was when we announced PS4 and PC cross-platform play [so that was interesting].

To be able to show users our latest work, and receive the feedback from them directly like this, that makes us really happy. If it's at all possible, I'd wish for PlayStation Experience to be held every year. Events like this where the focus is on the users are extremely valuable [to the development process]. I'd even hope for this sort of event to be held in Japan too. (Laughs)

---Right. In particular, there was a point during the GameAwards2014 that was particularly impressive, huh? Now then, with regards to PS4 and PC cross-platform play, Capcom is approaching this as a new challenge to attempt, yes?

Ono: That's right. Up till this point, we've actually attempted a similar challenge with a different game title for a different platform, and when we did we realized that there were a number of obstacles we'd need to clear, beginning with cheat prevention.

And of course, we don't plan on forcing cross-platform play to the users. Players will be able to create platform-specific lobbies, so please rest assured about that. But on top of that, this time we're also taking on the challenge of linking up the communities together.

Lastly, could you tell us more about the concept or unique selling points for Street Fighter V?

Ono: Right. About that... earlier today we said that at next week's Capcom Cup, we'll be doing a live demonstration with a playable build. I think that once the users see the demonstration, even if they're a gamer who's played a lot of Street Fighter in the past but not so much recently, that they'd love to come back and start playing SFV.

Do you mean, for gamers who previously spent a lot of time with Street Fighter 2 in the arcades?

Ono: SF2, SF3, SF4... Or any installment in the series, for that matter. Gamers who've thoroughly explored the games in the past, and had been super hooked on it before, I hope they'll look forward to the game demonstration next week. I think they'll likely get very excited once they see it. They'd understand it and go "Ah, I've always wanted to be able to do that in the game."

---It definitely sounds like the new game is geared towards fans of any and all previous installments of the series. We're looking forward to seeing it!

Source: Famitsu via Gematsu.
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