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Harada: Pokken Tournament won't feature high/low mix-ups or Tekken guest characters as it's a completely different game

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • August 26, 2014 at 11:15 a.m. PDT • Comments: 72

Shortly after his appearance on the Pokken Tournament announcement livestream earlier today, Bandai Namco Games's Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to respond to fans' questions and messages.

In his responses to these questions, Harada addressed a number of notable things that I'm sure a good many of us were left wondering about ever since news of the game's announcement broke earlier this morning.

Things such as whether or not there would be Tekken guest characters appearing in Pokken Tournament, or if non-humanoid or non-fighting-type Pokemon would enter the roster as playable characters.

Find out the answer to those questions, and more in our translation of the prompt Q&A on Twitter.
---Is it true that Tekken characters [will] be making guest appearances in Pokemon/Pokken Tournament?

Harada: Ha, ha, ha. Nope, Tekken characters will not be making an appearance.

As we're making a Pokemon fighting action battle game, I've already touched on this while on the livestream, but in this game there will not be a high/mid/low guard system mechanic. Instead, we're planning to include a new type of [mechanic]...

---As it's a fighting game, I'm a little worried that the roster will be full of humanoid-looking Pokemons (TL note: Pokemans?). I'd rather be surprised with unexpected picks instead.

Harada: That's not a problem at all. Technologically-speaking, we shouldn't face any problems in implementing whatever Pokemon we want. In terms of the system mechanics, we'll be looking at what fans would want, so please rest assured.

---Will Harada-san be making an appearance in the game, as "Harada The Strongest Gym Leader"?

Harada: Well, (laughs) if we did that we'll probably piss off Pokemon fans (but you already knew that, right?!).

---Congrats on making Pokken a reality! And thank you for that! Rather than tweet you a request, today I've got a bit of a query: in Pokken Tournament it seems like Pokemon trainers do not exist? It's not that I'm requesting for them to make an appearance, but rather I'd just like to find out if that's the case.

Harada: Worry not.

---You remembered to bring out Pokken, but what about Tekken X Street Fighter?

Harada: I've said this before, but we're still making it. It's just that it's too difficult to nail down a release timing for it at the moment, so we're changed our strategy for it.

Not having a high/low mix-up game makes sense for a game like Pokken Tournament, which is trying to appeal to mainstream gamers and Pokemon fans on top of us core fighting gamers.

It also makes a lot of sense if we are to presume that the development team plans on including smaller-sized Pokemons like Jigglypuff. Having a high/mid/low guard system could potentially cause problems -- the same sort that has prevented Jubei from being made playable in the BlazBlue series.

But let's not forget that in lieu of high/low mix-ups there will be another type of system that will likely provide for a different sort of mix-up game. All this means is that Pokken Tournament will be a very different sort of fighting game from the ones we're used to -- just like Super Smash Bros., in a way.

There's really a lot to take away here, but personally I'm most intrigued about what sort of new system mechanic the development team at Bandai Namco Games will think up for Pokken Tournament, if they're not planning on including the high/mid/low mix-up game that's been a staple of fighting games.

Since this is a Pokemon game that we're talking about, after all, could the new system mechanic have something to do with type-based attacks that deal different amounts of damage depending on the Pokemon opponent? Imagine what that would do to the game's match-ups.

What do you guys think? If you were involved in the development process of Pokken Tournament, what sort of mechanics would you want to implement into the game?

Source: @harada_tekken
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