Ultra Street Fighter 4 opt-in beta program now open on Steam, Capcom lists bug fixes

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 20, 2014 at 3:03 p.m. PDT

Wbacon over on the Steam forums has announced that the Ultra Street Fighter 4 opt-in beta program -- that which is aimed at fixing network connectivity issues -- is now open.

In order to access the beta, simply go into your Steam library and right click on Ultra Street Fighter 4. Select the Properties option, click the "BETAS" tab, then enter USFIVBetaBranch (case-sensitive) in the "Enter beta access code" area. Once you've checked the code, select "beta - patch beta" from the drop down menu, then hit "Close."

After you've downloaded the 2.9MB patch, launch Ultra Street Fighter 4 and you'll be all set. Below are the bug fixes implemented in the beta program and more information about the patch.

• Fixed an issue where data is sent to other lobbies even after a user has already entered a lobby / match
• Fixed an issue where data is continuously sent to other lobbies even after cancelling a custom lobby search
• Set a limit on the number of lobbies joinable at one time by player with fight request turned ON
• Fixed an issue where custom searches with region set to [ANY] was ignoring [SAME] region matches.
• Changed logic to search for [SAME] region matches first when [ANY] is selected.

The Capcom representative notes that beta users can not cross play with non-beta users, so be sure to let other PC players know about the opt-in program.

You'll find more information about the Ultra Street Fighter 4 beta test program over on Steam.

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