Daigo unleashes Evil Ryu's tricky 'okizeme' setups on Momochi - Topanga Banzuke matches also ft. Nemo, Darui, Mago, Fuudo and Kazunoko

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • August 20, 2014 at 8:43 a.m. PDT

On this week's episode of Topanga TV, MCZ|Tokido, MCZ|Mago and EG|Momochi run through some of the highlights from the Tokyo Topanga Banzuke event from two weekends ago, before diving into an online tournament session with stream viewers who had 3,500PP or more.

Of particular note within the matches shown today was the one played between MCZ|Daigo and EG|Momochi, in which The Beast shows off a bunch of Evil Ryu's okizeme (wake-up offense) options that catches Momochi by surprise.

Other notable players featured in these Topanga Banzuke matches include Darui (Dhalsim), BE|Nemo (Rolento), MCZ|Mago (Fei Long), RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long), and Kazunoko (Yun).

Check out the stream archive embedded below, along with time codes for the matches.

Time codes for notable players' matches:
RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long) vs. Darui (Dhalsim) - 14:50
EG|Momochi (Ken) vs. WanchanTarou/Misse (Makoto) - 25:53
BE|Nemo (Rolento) vs. WanchanTarou/Misse (Makoto) - 35:40
MCZ|Daigo (Evil Ryu) vs. EG|Momochi (Ken) - 42:42
MCZ|Mago (Fei Long) vs. Darui (Dhalsim) - 47:42
Kazunoko (Yun) vs. MCZ|Mago (Fei Long) - 57:00

Video from Topanga TV.

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