Crouching Elena, hidden hurtboxes? Dan's jump HP, MK, HK and LK Dankukyaku completely whiff on Elena when crouched in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • August 20, 2014 at 10:54 a.m. PDT

Update: We've also added a video demonstrating that Dan's LK Dankukyaku can whiff on Elena in the neutral standing position, when performed from the right distances.

Earlier: One of Elena's character traits is that her hurtboxes are a little on the odd side of things, making it fairly difficult for certain moves or combos to connect.

This was something that's been a part of her ever since Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, in which her hurtboxes would actually move as Elena shifts her legs back and forth while in her neutral standing animation.

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, this character trait manifests itself as smaller hurtboxes when Elena is in the crouching state. This can be fairly annoying, as it means that certain bread and butter combos would not work on the African breakdancer. But otherwise, the vs. Elena match-up should not be too much of a problem for your character to deal with.

Unless, of course, your character of choice is Dan, as the video below from MyAwesomeAfro demonstrates.

Dan's jumping HP, MK and HK attacks, as well as his LK Dankukyaku special move completely whiff on Elena when she's in the crouching state. Furthermore, jump MP only connects from certain angles, and the first hit of MK and HK Dankukyaku whiffs as well.

Dan's LK Dankukyaku can whiff on Elena when she's in the neutral standing position, too, if performed at point blank range. Note that the move will actually hit if Dan is not right next to Elena.
It is unclear at the moment if this is an oversight on Capcom's part, or if the moves were intended to whiff on Elena for balance or other reasons. Whichever the case, MyAwesomeAfro's discovery is certainly an interesting one -- and a piece of knowledge you could use to your advantage in the game.

Videos from MyAwesomeAfro and TheLowestOfTiers. Sent in by sarif2soon.

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