Velociraptor's tier rankings for Gouken in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 18, 2014 at 4:25 p.m. PDT

Today we have a special treat for all you Ultra Street Fighter 4 fans out there. After casting his votes in our tiers section, Veloc1raptor has provided us with his tier rankings for Gouken in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

By clicking the image below, you can check out how the frequent Wednesday Night Fights competitor feels his main character stacks up against the rest. Additionally, Veloc1raptor has jumped into the comments sections of many of the match-ups, and wrote a few tips on how to fight each specific character.

Click image for Veloc1raptor's Gouken match-up chart

Below you will find notes from Veloc1raptor on one of Gouken's best match-ups, and one of his worst.

Gouken vs. Hugo: 7-3

It's still early but it seems as though this is one of Gouken's easiest match ups. Fireball and Ex-tatsu make Hugo's life very hard. Hugo's sheer size makes zoning him particularly easy. Gouken's armor-breaking ex-tatsu beats all of Hugo's runs. Like Honda, Gouken should not let Hugo get close. If Hugo does get in, then it's a guessing game to try to get him off of you. Don't let it get to that point.

Gouken vs. Oni: 4-6

I think Oni's character design is optimal for the current version of Street Fighter 4. This match up is similar to Ken or Evil Ryu on steroids. I give the advantage to Oni at 5.5.

As Gouken, you really never want to be close to Oni. This is a zone as much as possible match up. It's just too risky to be close enough for Oni to get his pressure started. A single combo leads to nearly half life and a set up for a second combo into stun.

Gouken wants to frustrate Oni into making poor choices as he tries to get in. Even after a knock down, I suggest continuing to zone most of the time. If you get into your opponents head enough, you may try to read a fireball and jump in for massive damage. Be careful though, don't throw away a life lead and the momentum on a guess.

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