Street Fighter underwear, wallets, tablet cases, stationery and more - Capcom merchandising gone wild in Japan

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • August 2, 2014 at 4:36 p.m. PDT

Here's a funny story: a while ago, shortly after the official e-Capcom online shopping site had set up a physical storefront in a shopping mall in Tokyo's Odaiba district, I made a pilgrimage to it fully expecting to score some awesome Street Fighter swag.

Except, I didn't find anything worth buying. The place was called the e-Capcom store, but the selection of Street Fighter goods was almost non-existent. A couple of Street Fighter II T-shirts, and that was about it, as opposed to the shelves upon shelves of Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Sengoku Basara and Mega Man-themed merchandise.

Yes, even Mega Man had a bigger presence at the e-Capcom store than Street Fighter did. It was the same elsewhere in Japan; Street Fighter merch was incredibly hard to find.

Fast-forward to today. With Ultra Street Fighter 4 finally about to be released on consoles in Japan, Capcom is pulling out all the stops to capitalize on the brand's recognition.

Take a look at some of the SF swag that's been hitting stores in Japan.

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