Air: Evil Ryu's cr.MK into Fireball is the very reason why Guile, Vega, and Dhalsim are bad match-ups, Ryu a 'harder match-up'

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • August 2, 2014 at 9:53 a.m. PDT

Last month, in an interview with Arcadia magazine MCZ|Daigo had said that although Evil Ryu is a high-tier character in Ultra Street Fighter 4, he does have a number of bad match-ups against lower-tier characters. Namely, Guile, Dhalsim and Vega.

Canada Cup Gaming's Air has been thinking about Daigo's comments on Evil Ryu, and in a blog entry published this week, he says that he agrees with the analysis. He also said that he would consider Ryu a "harder match-up".

"Evil Ryu is no doubt one of the best character in USF4 due to his damage output with one of the best crouching medium kick in the game," CCG|Air writes.

"But why are they bad match ups? Let me explain. Basically, Evil Ryu’s main strength became his weakness in the listed match ups.

"Since Evil Ryu’s fireball is -7 on block, and his into fireball is a true poke string which is good in general because of guaranteed chip damage, but in the listed match ups, it is not an advantage in those match ups because it is punishable on block any where in the screen unless you space it perfectly at the max distance.

"The flaw with his > fireball is that with you cannot NOT inch forward when you perform the kick and that what makes it a true poke string. On top of that, if you want to make it as a true poke string, you have to commit into the fireball right when you press, and that’s all where the damage comes from of Evil Ryu."

- Guile can HK Flash Kick or Super can punish Evil Ryu’s >fireball on block unless stated above (Max distance)
- Vega can punish and combo with his
- Dhalsim can punish with back
- Ryu can sweep and Super.

CCG|Air goes on to mention that even back when MCZ|Daigo was still maining Ryu during the early days of Ultra Street Fighter 4, when it had just come out in Japanese arcades, the way that The Beast approached the Ryu vs. Evil Ryu match-up was to purposely put himself (as Ryu) into the corner so that he could punish Evil Ryu's cr.MK into fireball string on block. This was something that MCZ|Tokido shared with him back in May during Northwest Majors IV.

Air's blog post goes on quite a bit longer to cover Ryu's advantages over Evil Ryu. Check out the rest of it at his blog here.

Source: CCG|Air. Sent in by RyuApprentice.

Image credit: xxXPrince-AsuraXxx, CCG|Air

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