UGC Tournament of Champions results, stream archive feat. Justin Wong, ChrisG, K-Brad, Cloud805, Veloc1raptor, Neo, Paradigm & fLoE

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 27, 2014 at 11:34 a.m. PDT

Updated with results and a stream archive: We've added in results for SSF4 AE v2012 and UMvC3 into this story, along with a stream archive of both games.

The UGC tournament of champions event is going down today, and the action is being streamed live. The games being played include SSF4 AE v2012, UMvC3 and more.

EG|Justin Wong, GG|ChrisG, EG|K-Brad, UGC|Cloud805, Veloc1raptor, Neo, Paradigm, fLoE and additional players are in attendance tonight.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 - Results

1. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus, M. Bison)
2. GG|NYChrisG (Sakura, Evil Ryu, Guile)
3. Veloc1raptor (Gouken, E. Honda)
4. fLoE (Yang)
5. EG|K-Brad (Cammy)
5. Blockbuster Jon (Adon)
7. UGC|Commander Jesse (Dhalsim, Sakura)
7. UGC|Joon (Ken)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Results

1. EG|Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma)
2. UGC|Cloud805 (Zero, Vergil, Dante)
3. UGC|Paradigm (Dormammu, Haggar, Dr. Doom | Others)
4. GG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil)
5. Neo (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Phoenix)
5. Jeopardy (Zero, Nova, Iron Man)
7. FRQ|Manic (Vergil, Morrigan, Strider)
7. UG|Godric

Stream hosted by UGC Live. Tip from Hursh and Shinebox.
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