Psuedo-shotos unite! Tokido and Mago breaks down Sakura and Gouken in the latest round of USF4 character introduction videos

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • April 25, 2014 at 9:11 a.m. PDT

Another week, another pair of Ultra Street Fighter 4 character breakdown videos.

I wonder if the Taitochannel YouTube account is going to keep this pace up and eventually release videos for all of USF4's 44 characters -- they've released 15 so far (all of which the EventHubs team has translated).

In any case, this week's videos have Mad Catz pro players Tokido and Mago run through the play styles for Sakura and Gouken respectively.

Hit the jump to watch the character videos, complete with a written transcript of what Tokido and Mago-san said, translated by EventHubs's own KarbyP.

It's MCZ|Tokido here.

Today I'll be showing off Sakura. She's a character with strong combo ability. So for instance, she could do:

Jump-in HP, close standing MK xx Light Hurricane Kick, close standing HP xx Light Hurricane Kick, crouching HP xx Light Hurricane Kick, stand LK xx Heavy Shoryuken.

If you manage to land that combo, I think you can already see it in the health bar, but basically you'd be able to do a lot of damage, with this one combo.

As for Sakura's changes, one of the major ones is with her EX Hurricane Kick. On hit, the move lets you do a follow-up attack for a set-up, and even on block it used to be pretty safe. In USF4, however, the advantage on block for this move has been reduced. In the past, what used to happen was, after an EX Hurricane Kick, if you threw out a crouching LK after that, you could use that as a true block string. But that's no longer the case here, now that the frame advantage has been reduced. This makes it slightly harder for Sakura to continue with her offense.

With that said, the change doesn't affect how EX Hurricane Kick is used in terms of the combo possibilities. And as long as you throw it out after a hit-confirm even, you'll still get the full benefit of this move, so even in USF4 it is still extremely useful.

Another change with Sakura is with her HP Shoryuken. When used from afar, even if you've managed to hit the opponent with it, not all the hits may connect. This has been altered in USF4 so that all hits will now connect fully.

Overall, Sakura is still an amazing combo-heavy character in USF4 -- that part about her hasn't changed from the previous installment. But now that the frame advantage on Sakura's EX Hurricane kick is reduced, you can no longer use that to recklessly approach an opponent to start your offense. In exchange, however, on the ground you can do crouching MK into HP Shoryuken for the approach. If you use that well, the part about Sakura being a one-chance character (who can deal a lot of damage with one opportunity) really hasn't changed.

Hi, it's MCZ|Mago.

Today I'd like to give you a brief overview of Gouken in USF4. As Gouken is Ryu's master in the Street Fighter storyline, a lot of the moves he possesses are similar to that of Ryu's.

So for instance, he has a Hadouken, a Tatsumaki Hurricane Kick... well, in Gouken's case, it's called Tatsumaki Gorasen. Gouken also has a Shoryuken, but in his case, this is a close-quarters "expansion" move that travels across the screen.

Gouken is a character whose defensive options aren't that strong. But in return, when Gouken gets the opportunity to land a combo, his damage potential is probably amongst the top five characters in this game. The damage potential is one of his main weapons in this game.

Gouken in USF4... well in the first place his movement speeds were already pretty fast. So you can use Gouken's fast movements to confuse and rattle up your opponent, mix it up with Hadoukens and his Tatsumaki Gorasen -- the latter has become much better now as a reversal option. That's the key to playing Gouken in this version, I believe.

Source: USF4 Nesica official website

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