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Daigo: Infiltration exhibition made me I think about 'how to win' the most out of all matches I've played, follows up on Akuma is weak remark

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • September 21, 2013 at 8:20 a.m. PDT • Comments: 121
Daigo: Infiltration exhibition made me I think about 'how to win' the most out of all matches I've played, follows up on Akuma is weak remark After the first to ten exhibition match between Daigo and Infiltration yesterday at Tokyo Game Show, which Daigo managed to take fairly convincingly, he had a few choice words for fans, while discussing the matches after the fact together with Japanese commentary expert R over on the Japanese language stream.

As there's been no official video footage released so far of the Japanese language stream, we can unfortunately not link you directly to where Daigo and R speak, but below you can find a rough translation made by myself, MajinTenshinhan, of what was said when R asked Daigo about his preparation for this particular exhibition match.

Below, you'll find a snippet to get you started.
Ever since I became a pro, I've been to a lot of tournaments, but this exhibition match was the one match where I thought about 'how to win' the most. I was thinking "If I've come this far and still lose...", I'd have to throw away all of my past experience and start again from zero.
Hit the jump to see more of what Daigo had to say about his preparation for the match.
When speaking further about his preparation for this particular match, Daigo discussed his actual training regime. R noted that he had heard from Tokido that Daigo only played matches against him when the exhibition match was drawing very near, and Daigo explained why.

I watched videos of Infiltration, and myself, and I noticed when watching myself "Oh, this has become a habit," or "I should've done more of this," and tried to work on it.

I also examined when a Hadouken would hit a Ashura Senku, and after playing a lot against Bonchan and a top player from Osaka [Translator's note: I can't quite make out the name, but it sounds like Roxan or Roku-san], I started playing against Tokido. It felt pretty similar against all of them, and towards the end I started feeling like "this just might work."

Prior to the exhibition match, Daigo had gone on record as saying that Akuma was actually a pretty weak character, and R brought attention to this, saying that Daigo had come off as very resolute by saying this.

Resolute... I guess it was. But I figured that if I hadn't made such a strong statement, people wouldn't have gotten as excited.

With Daigo proving once again that he is a true master of hard work, do you feel inspired? Have any comments on the match, or his comments themselves? Let us know below.
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