All Hadoukens could originally be ducked, faster inputs could have led to more damage and more - SF2 director talks interesting development facts

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 28, 2013 at 11:13 a.m. PDT

Akira Nishitani, director of Final Fight and the Street Fighter 2 series, recently created a Twitter account on which he has been dropping plenty of interesting bits of info pertaining to the classic fighting franchise. Since these tweets are all in Japanese, a user by the name of felineki over on the Mugen Fighters Guild forums went about translating many of them for everyone to check out.

Nishitani divulges loads of trivia, interesting anecdotes, and even developer notes that discuss different game mechanics that didn't make it into the final build of the game.

There are some very interesting notes listed here, including a potential game mechanic that caused special moves to deal more damage if you physically inputted them quicker, Blanka's Rolling Attack being a charge down to forward command, and even the idea of a mysterious, old man appearing on the continue screen to give advice.

Below are just a few to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump for more interesting Street Fighter 2 info.

• That reminds me, in the proposal documents for SF2, it talks about special moves doing more damage the quicker you input the command, but we didn't end up implementing that.

• An SF2 anecdote. The original plans were for Hadoukens to be able to be ducked under. Because projectiles seemed like they'd be strong. But the artist drew a really great animation, so we left it as is. Of course projectiles did end up being strong, but I suppose the gameplay ended up being deep in it's own way?

• Remembered something else. We had given each character their own separate defense value, then somewhere along the line we discovered that those values weren't actually being reflected in the damage calculation, but ended up leaving it that way.

But I guess it felt more fair that way? Turned out alright in the end.

• We wanted to give every character in SF2 at least 2 special moves, but we were having trouble coming up with anything for Blanka aside from the electricity. As we were approaching the next deadline, the artist drew an animation of Blanka rolling and said that maybe it could be of some use. That was just what we needed, and it became the Rolling Attack.

• Rolling Attack's command was originally charge down, then forward. Because it was sort of a curl up, then suddenly spring forward type move. But it felt kind of off and was different from the rest of the commands, so we changed it.

• In SF2, sometimes Ryu takes absurdly high damage when dizzied. This is due to the fact that we experimented with characters taking twice as much damage when dizzy, and applied this flag to all dizzied animation frames, but forgot to remove it from one.

I'm pretty sure it was 1 frame out of a 4 frame sequence, so it should be possible to watch the animation once Ryu's dizzied and intentionally aim for that high damage.

• At one point in SF2's development we wondered whether we should let the player get up faster from a knockdown by spinning the joystick. But we wanted wakeup pressure to be consistent so we decided not to. Because you could do that in Final Fight, everyone tried spinning the joystick in SF2 at first. They were doing it at the location test, too.

• The red Hadoukens in the first SF2 weren't actually a glitch, they were an intentional easter egg put in by the programmers. But I couldn't have imagined that would eventually become the Shakunetsu Hadouken.

• That reminds me, for the hints that appear on SF2's continue screen we considered having a mysterious old man appear as an advice character.

We hadn't decided on a look for him. I'm pretty sure all there was was a little smiley face-like thing I drew on the proposal documents.

Head to the Mugen Fighters Guild forum for even more of Nishitani's tweets, and give him a follow on Twitter if you can read the language.

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