Rumor: Ultra Street Fighter 4 getting a 'Red Focus' that absorbs multiple hits, option to use both Ultras in a match, and delayed wake up mechanic

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 21, 2013 at 11:02 a.m. PDT

A large batch of Ultra Street Fighter 4 change rumors began circling the internet this morning. It's extremely important to note that this information is unsubstantiated at this time, and may end up being totally off base, so take it as you will.

These potential changes include a new "Red Focus" mechanic that absorbs multiple hits at the cost of meter, a choice to select both Ultras in a match, and a delayed wake up mechanic.

We've been tipped off by many sources about these potential changes, and frankly, some of the rumors seem much more likely than others. It goes without saying that without official confirmation these are strictly rumors at the moment, so take them with a huge side of Morton's.

Hit the jump for a list of this morning's Ultra Street Fighter 4 rumors.

• "Red Focus" being added
- Said to absorb two hits (anything that isn't armor breaking), costs 2 bars of meter, and level 2 is unblockable.
- Some sources are reporting that the damage may go unscaled after Red Focus.

• Players can choose both Ultras. - Not specified if this means you can use both with one meter, or have the choice between both (like Gen). - Supposedly, if a player opts to select both Ultras, the damage will be considerably less.

• A delayed wake up mechanic may be getting implemented as well. Reports suggest that the input will be MP+HP.

We'd like to note that multiple notable people in the community (who shall remain anonymous), have reported that the Red Focus implementation is actually set to be added. The other rumors are wild speculation based on images of a text message conversation between two undetermined parties, relaying the information. You can check out those images over on this NeoGAF post.

Regardless, everything in this post remains a rumor.

In the latest Saikyo blog, when talking about Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom's Ayano stated that we can expect to see "THAT," next week. We don't know what the reveal could be, but perhaps it is the 5th mystery character or a confirmation of some of the aforementioned rumors. Either way, we can expect some kind of announcement this week.

There is a whole lot to take in here, so please, feel free to let us know what you think of these Ultra Street Fighter 4 rumors in our comments section below.

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