Possible hints at Fulgore and Spinal in Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition cover art

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On November 22, Killer Instinct will be released as a digital download alongside the Xbox One. There are several different bundles of the game, including a free version featuring one character (Jago), a $20 choice that includes all 8 of the season 1 characters, and a $40 package with all of the season 1 content, costumes, accessories, and more.

Microsoft recently announced another way to purchase Killer Instinct: the Pin Ultimate Edition. For $59.99, you can get all of the content in the previously mentioned versions, two out of sixteen collectible pins designed by Penny Arcade, and a physical package that doubles as a pin display case. The Pin Ultimate Edition is exclusive to the Microsoft Store.

Below is a quick list of what comes included with the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition.
• All Season 1 characters (8)*
• Season pass for all costumes (8) and accessory packs (16)*
• Early access to all Season 1 content
• Original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game
• The first two pins (Jago and Killer Instinct 3D Logo) from a collection of 16, packed in a premium case that unfolds into a pin display
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An image of this newly announced edition began turning some heads, as the cover art may hint at who the final two characters in season 1 may be. The picture features small character emblems in the background, with eight different ones visible.

The Tiger represents Jago, circles for Glacius, tomahawks for Thunder, claw for Sabrewulf, spider for Sadira, and guns for Orchid. As seen below, two other emblems showing some sort of atomic symbol, and a skull with crossbones are also visible.

Many have begun to speculate that these two logos may be hinting at Fulgore and Spinal. Check out a brighter version of the cover art, along with two blown up images of the emblems, below. We have added a better quality image showing the two mysterious emblems, courtesy of KI Central.

The Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition is currently available for pre-order, and will be released on November 29.

What characters do you think these two emblems are hinting at? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: KI Central, Gematsu, and Penny Arcade. Tips by egnaro412, dezeray112, and DARKKARASBLADE.
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