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Dojo Mode is quite possibly the best tutorial mode we've seen in a fighting game - EventHubs hands-on time with Killer Instinct / Maximilian breakdown

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 6, 2013 at 4:13 p.m. PDT • Comments: 81

Bringing you another installment in the EventHubs Killer Instinct coverage, today I will be discussing the game's tutorial feature, Dojo Mode.

This is a new mode that is catered to teaching newcomers everything they need to know in Killer Instinct, and fighting games in general. The lessons I was shown were very extensive; there are 16 Basic lessons and 16 Advanced lessons.

Basic lessons run through how to perform combos, movement, mechanics specific to Killer Instinct, and more. In this piece, I will talk on what Dojo Mode is all about, my experience with some of the lessons, and overall impressions.

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In the lesson that teaches how to pull off Combo Breakers, the tutorial ran through Light, Medium, Heavy, and Shadow Breakers. The first demonstration shows a combo with Light linkers being performed on you, and at the point in which you should hit the breaker, the screen pauses and the input for the breaker pops up over your character's head. In order to proceed, you must hit the input shown to you at that time.

Another demonstration follows showing the same Combo Breaker scenario, this time, the screen doesn't pause but the input still shows up.

Lastly, you are prompted to perform the same Combo Breaker in real time. This method is meant to walk you through the proper timing by holding your hand, in a sense, and in my opinion, it works exceptionally well.

The Advanced lessons delve into tactics that are of a higher skill level. Topics such as how to perform Frame Traps, controlling space, what Meaty attacks are, safe jumps, cross ups, and more are covered.

I was given the opportunity to try out the very last Advanced lesson of the bunch: the “GodLike Combo”. This mission asked me to perform a variety of combos that required a higher level of execution than those in the Basic lessons.

This lesson was akin to the trial mode in Street Fighter 4, with the game asking you to pull off a specific combo with inputs displayed on screen. In my time at Double Helix, I was able to successfully complete each of the combos in the lesson, and they required some pretty high level execution skills.

The combos focused on different concepts such as intricate juggles, Instinct cancels, and performing three Shadow moves in one combo. Overall, these do a great job of teaching you how to utilize different techniques in combos, and are great if you want to style on your opponent.

Each lesson comes packed with a great amount of explanatory text, and if reading everything isn't quite your bag, the demonstrations are a great visual aid. This is definitely one of the most intricate tutorial modes I've experienced in a fighting game, and not only do the lessons cover information specific to KI, but there are ones that focus on general techniques, universally applicable to other fighters.

For a video breakdown of Killer Instinct's Dojo Mode, you can check out Maximilian and Michael Willette discussing it below. Max and Mike do an excellent job of showing what you'll find in Dojo Mode, and give you a visual understanding of what I have tried to explain in this article.
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Tips sent in by likewoah, KiddDaBeauty, MugenLord, and EMP_FecalMatter. Big thanks to Rich "Filthie Rich" Bantegui, Dave Verfaillie, Michael "Berserker Mike" Willette and Double Helix Games for having me.
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