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Orchid no longer uses tonfa in battle, wields laser spring baton in new Killer Instinct - screenshot of character select model

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 78
Updated: We have added an animated gif image of Orchid on the character select screen.

Back during Sadira's official Killer Instinct reveal trailer, Double Helix Games and Microsoft gave us a quick teaser at the next character on the roster, Orchid. Since then, fans have been anxiously awaiting more information on the final KI launch character, and we haven't learned much just yet.

In the current build of the game, Orchid is present on the character select screen. During the most recent Microsoft Studios Killer Instinct stream, we actually caught a quick glimpse of her character model, and learned a bit of information on what kind of weapon she will be using in combat this time around.

In the first Killer Instinct title, Orchid used two laser baton type weapons, then made the switch over to tonfa in Killer Instinct 2. In the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Orchid will use a more modern style weapon: cobra spring batons, that also have a laser infusion.

Check out the screen cap of Orchid on the KI character select screen, below.

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You can check out the full stream archive after the jump, featuring nearly an hour of Killer Instinct action. You can find the portion about Orchid at 24:00 in the stream footage.
Image source: Killer Instinct Wiki, and Photobucket. Gif via EventHubs user ryuhayabusa13.
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