Best Buy giving $20 in XBL currency to those who purchase Day One Gold membership for Xbox One, includes Shadow Jago

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 12, 2013 at 5 p.m. PST
Best Buy is currently running a deal in which they will give you $20 in Microsoft Xbox Live currency, when you purchase the Day One edition of Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One. The Day One version is a 12-month subscription that will cost you $59.99 USD.

This offer is available both online and in-store, however, if you choose to pick this up at your local Best Buy, you can take it home right away. The receipt will contain a promo code that, when inputted, will add $20 to your Microsoft account for you to spend on Xbox Live content.

This money will work for Xbox 360 content, and -should- also be usable on Xbox One stuff, once the console is released. According to the store's flyer, this offer will last up until November 16th, so be sure to act fast.

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If this money does indeed work for Xbox One content, this means that by purchasing the Day One edition of Xbox Live Gold, (that which includes the exclusive Shadow Jago character in Killer Instinct), players can buy the Killer Instinct Combo Breaker pack at launch. This version of KI unlocks all 6 of the release day characters, the 2 post-launch fighters, Story Mode, and Arcade Mode (both of which will become available at the end of season 1.)

For a breakdown of the different Killer Instinct options you can purchase, check out the image below.

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If you're already getting your Xbox One console at launch, and plan to play online, you should definitely think about picking up a Day One edition of Xbox Live Gold from Best Buy soon. I was able to purchase one myself, and can confirm that the $20 promo offer is in full effect.

Big thanks to TheTHCGamer for contacting us with this information. Killer Instinct pricing breakdown courtesy of
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