Orchid has the first air throw in Killer Instinct, can currently land 3 Ultras, retains double Linkers, and more - What we know about Orchid so far

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 5, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. PST | Comments: 42

Last week, we saw the premiere of Orchid in Killer Instinct. IGN held a stream that showed tons of footage of the classic KI female fighter, and with it, the developers divulged a great deal of information on her.

In this post, we've gathered together all of the notes we possibly could about Orchid in the new KI, including descriptions of her special moves, some of her unique attacks, her Instinct Mode, and more.

Additionally, the devs mentioned a few other general tidbits during the stream, such as a change made to Thunder's Instinct Mode, and how accessories will work.

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Orchid notes

• Orchid has a fast walk speed, and a great back dash.

• Has a forward + Heavy Kick command normal. Two hits, overhead.

• Her sweep hits twice as well.

• Has first air grab in Killer Instinct. This air throw cannot be teched, and causes a ground bounce that can be followed up with further attacks.

• Flik Flak (cartwheel kick special move) is a low crush attack, (beats out low pokes).
- It can be used as a Linker.
- Works as an exchange launcher, which means that when used as a Combo Ender, Orchid will launch the opponent to the opposite side of her.

• Has Ichi Ni San (Rekka like special move) that is performed by inputting QCF+P. Instead of having to perform multiple forward quarter circles to finish the Rekkas, you only need to hit a punch button to finish 2nd and 3rd hits.
- Ending the Rekka with Light Punch hits low, (unsafe on block).
- Ending with Medium Punch hits overhead, (unsafe on block).
- Ending with Heavy Punch hits mid, and can be charged. The attack becomes unblockable when fully charged.
- Using Ichi Ni San as a Combo Ender launches the opponent, and can be jump cancelled for a follow up attack or air throw.
-Shadow version of Ichi Ni San is a ground pound that shoots out a giant beam of vertical light. Can be charged.

• Her slide attack makes a return in this iteration.
- All versions go under projectiles, and the distance traveled depends on strength of button used.
- Heavier versions of the slide are punishable on block.
- Shadow version causes Orchid to become the fire cat, and travels horizontally. Shadow slide is fully projectile invincible, and can be used to punish fireballs on reaction.

• Orchid also has her Air Buster from KI2 (dragon punch like knee attack).
- Invulnerable on start up.
- Shadow version also becomes fire cat, and travels upward instead. Can follow up with air grab at the end, allowing combo continuation from ground bounce.

• Instinct Mode summons fire cat as a projectile.
- Cat runs horizontally across screen. She can summon as many cats as she wants while Instinct is active, but can only have one on screen at a time. Orchid's Instinct Mode works much like Sadira’s web balls, and can be summoned during attack animations, in the air, etc..

• Orchid is the first character that can perform double Linkers in Killer Instinct. Can follow up a Combo Linker with another Linker by simply performing the input. (i.e. MK Flik Flak, MK Flik Flak, or any variation of her Combo Linkers.) She does not need to perform an Auto Double or Manual in between the two Linkers.

• The developers mentioned that Orchid can currently hit 3 Ultras. There is no word on how this is possible, and it may be changed by the time the game is released. You can find Orchid performing a double Ultra here.

Other info

• Thunder’s Instinct Mode has been tweaked. He can now cancel special moves into dash. (i.e. Triplax, dash to other side of opponent.)

• Players will not be able to select the training room stage in actual matches. This is so people can admire the hard work that went into the characters’ stages.

• Each character will have 3 sets of accessories; 2 of which can be purchased using KP (in game currency). The 3rd set will come with the Ultra Edition of the game.

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