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Stream Monster's Showdown: Vote for the players who will compete in a UMvC3 round robin tournament

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • May 31, 2013 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 223
Stream Monster's Showdown: Vote for the players who will compete in a UMvC3 round robin tournament In conjunction with Big E Gaming, we're very happy to announce the Stream Monster's Showdown, a round robin Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament featuring some of the best players on the east coast, but there's a twist.

We're asking our readers to vote on which players they'd like to see compete in this event. The players you can vote for are: AGE|NYChrisG, EMP|IFC Yipes, MH|RayRay, EMP|Dieminion, JRosa, MH|Flux, TA|Predator, XAN|DJ Houshen, TA|Moons, TS|Fooblat, MH|Unkn0wn, AG|Demon Hyo, FR|TooMuchDamage, Masta CJ, FR|Roach King, MH|Alukard, FNEX|K-Brad, BIFU|Insaynne, BigE|Damian and BigE|Chris D.
Calling all stream monsters!

We know how much you guys love streams and even more so how much you love watching Marvel. How would you like it if we let YOU decide who played on stream for once? That’s what we thought.

Big E Gaming, the group behind NEC, Winter Brawl and Summer Jam is going to give stream monsters the the hype UMvC3 matches they want to see. Starting today, you will have the chance to decide which east coast players you want to see compete in an 8 man round robin tournament at Bar Battles 5 on June 22nd in Philadelphia, PA.

With $500 on the line and insane prize packages from Mad Catz, the chosen competitors will be hungry to come out of this 8 man free for all on top. More importantly, EVERY match will be streamed by Bifuteki, so you won’t miss a thing! Once voting begins, you can cast your vote for your favorite east coast player. The 8 players who receive the most votes will be granted entry to this tournament.
Hit the jump to vote in the poll.

Which UMvC3 players would you like to see compete at Stream Monster's Showdown?

1. EMP|IFC Yipes: 1062 votes / 22.1%
2. TA|Moons: 677 votes / 14.1%
3. AGE|NYChrisG: 509 votes / 10.6%
4. MH|RayRay: 499 votes / 10.4%
5. TS|Fooblat: 337 votes / 7.0%
6. MH|Alukard: 302 votes / 6.3%
7. EMP|Dieminion: 229 votes / 4.8%
8. XAN|DJ Houshen: 180 votes / 3.7%
9. MH|Unkn0wn: 171 votes / 3.6%
10. MH|Flux: 157 votes / 3.3%
11. FR|Roach King: 136 votes / 2.8%
12. DRS|Masta CJ: 120 votes / 2.5%
13. TA|Predator: 95 votes / 2.0%
14. AG|Demon Hyo: 80 votes / 1.7%
15. BIFU|Insaynne: 64 votes / 1.3%
16. FNEX|K-Brad: 59 votes / 1.2%
17. FR|TooMuchDamage: 53 votes / 1.1%
18. BigE|Chris D: 33 votes / 0.7%
19. JRosa: 32 votes / 0.7%
20. BigE|Damian: 19 votes / 0.4%

Total votes: 4,814

Voting has closed

Voting will be open until June 12, 2013 at midnight PDT. You can vote for your top 3 competitors. The results will be announced after the poll closes.

Make sure you tune in, or attend Bar Battles 5 on June 22, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA to watch the Stream Monster's Showdown play out.
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