Skullgirls to be released in Japanese arcades on Taito's Nesica system

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 21, 2013 at 1:13 p.m. PDT
Skullgirls to be released in Japanese arcades on Taito's Nesica system It was confirmed yesterday by the official Skullgirls Twitter account that the game will be seeing a release in Japanese arcades some time soon. An arcade release document listed Skullgirls as an upcoming title to be playable on Taito's Nesica system.

Skullgirls is headed to Japanese arcades on Taito's Nesica system!

Lead Skullgirls designer Peter Bartholow further confirmed the Japan release by stating his excitement toward the project and how the team sees this more as a chance to get Skullgirls out there as opposed to an opportunity to make money.

We are stupidly excited for this just because I can’t think of a single other non-Japanese dev that can say they have a game out in Japanese arcades. We see this more as a marketing opportunity for the property and other versions than something we intend to make a lot of money on.

Bartholow also mentioned that the Skullgirls team is not working on this port themselves but rather, a Japanese development team is. The developer for the Japanese Skullgirls arcade release has not yet been disclosed.

It is said that the arcade version of the game will receive all of the upcoming DLC characters. According to Bartholow, we can expect to see Skullgirls in Japan "as soon as possible".

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