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Interview from EVO Champion BAS - has been preparing for EVO, problems with AE v2012

Posted by Keyblade • March 22, 2013 at 11:01 a.m. PDT • Comments: 106
Interview from EVO Champion BAS - has been preparing for EVO, problems with AE v2012 WW|Ryan Hart has sat down to talk with Ryo "BAS" Yoshida who is also known as the world's very best Capcom vs. SNK 2 player and has won the Evolution World Championship 3 years in a row between Capcom VS SNK 2 solo and Guilty Gear XX: Slash team battle. BAS mentions lots of great things in his interview including topics such as how to level up your game, the trouble with SSF4 AE, the arcade scene in Japan, and so forth. Below you can get an excerpt:
RH: Yes, speaking of how you can do big damage it seems that games these days in some cases are more about not getting hit as opposed to hitting, has this changed how games are fun in your opinion? And if so, how has the fun changed in your opinion?

BAS: “Well looking at the comparison between CVS 2 and SSF4 for a minute, in my opinion there are too many moves which are safe on block and have too good reward like you can land an ultra afterwards for example. These strong and safe moves are used randomly and allow less skilled or intelligent players to get wins without actually thinking about what their opponent was thinking. Like look at Sagat's EX tiger knee for example, it only takes one ex bar to use, it does good chip damage, it is safe on block. What does the user really need to think about before using this move? The risks are too minimal and its moves like this where the game allows players to be random and get away with it. I mean even when I know my opponent will do this I can’t react in time because the move is simply too fast.”
BAS and Ryan Hart have quite the discussion going on as BAS also mentions he plans to come to EVO and reach Top 8 in a couple of years. You can scoop out the full interview here.

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