Darkstalkers Resurrection: Felicia character breakdown from Capcom, Sako vs. Daigo pre-fight interview

Posted by SFilp • March 1, 2013 at 3:29 p.m. PST
Haunts and Combofiend are back for another character breakdown for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Today's video features Felicia where Peter will be going over various options for her including anti-air, her wall jumps, best specials and more.
Capcom Japan has put together a promotional video for their upcoming release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. This is only the first part which features interviews with Hori|Sako and MCZ|Daigo, the second video that will release next Friday will feature matches between the two.

As it's in Japanese, BeastNote has compiled some notes about the various questions. Hit the jump to see the video along with all the notes.

- Umehara began the series at around 13 years old, Sako at around elementary school.
- Umehara said that Vampire has more ways to approach the opponent. In Street Fighter II you can't jump. He also said that Guard Cancel can counter tick throw.
- Nuki asked about Umehara's 286 winstreak legend at Akihabara district. Due to system limitation, the counter stopped at 255 and reset, Umehara said it's sad you need a witness (laugh). (The competition was high in this district.)

- Umehara's main was Vampire Hunter/Darkstalkers 2 while Sako's main is Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 (Bulletta/B.B. Hood).
- Umehara's talked about his first time at (Vampire Hunter) national tournament. Umehara, who was using Donovan at the time, talked to a Bishamon player and agreed that Bishamon's ghost hand grab (Oni Kubihineri) is too powerful. The player even said it's dirty and he will never use it. Umehara was happy and thought they're friends until he saw the player use that move later and mashed like crazy (laugh). (For this EX move, you can mash stick and buttons to increase its power.)
- Sako said the "Sako Special" was a result from practicing everyday all day on Sega Saturn. He said that the setup was good because it's still ok even when an attack is missed when in corner. (Sako Special is one-frame semi-infinite) - In the past, Sako, invited by Oboro (player), went to play Umehara who was already famous at the time. Sako won but he said he was happy enough just to be able to fight Umehara. Umehara said that at the time he was into Street Fighter Zero 3 and didn't play Vampire Savior much but still gave Sako a hard time. (Umehara lives in Tokyo while Sako and Oboro live in Kansai region.)
- Sako talked about Pre-Tougeki 2004 5 on 5 tournament where he won the strongest Bulleta player in Kantou region Kosho in mirror match in the final. (Kantou vs. Kansai rivalry is like East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry in America)
- The video is narrated by Daisuke Ono, one of the most famous (male) voice actors in Japan.

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