Slasher: ChrisG is like the Yankees or Miami Heat, people hate him because he wins

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 27, 2013 at 7:02 p.m. PDT
Slasher: ChrisG is like the Yankees or Miami Heat, people hate him because he wins It is no secret that AGE|NYChrisG is a name on the lips of many players and fans alike in the fighting game community today. Most prominently known for his success in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, ChrisG's Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil team has left a trail of bodies in its wake and single-handedly changed the way tournament level UMvC3 is played.

The Penny Arcade Report put together a piece on the best UMvC3 player in the world right now, AGE|NYChrisG. The article touches on his rise to glory, his indisputable talents in modern competitive fighting games and why some people seem to cast him in the role of "villain".

Well known-members of the fighting game community such as eSports GameSpot journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau and UltraChenTV cohost James Chen weigh in and provide a few statements on ChrisG's current status.

Below is a snip from the piece to get you started.

“It's not just him winning,” said GameSpot's Breslau. “It's him dominating completely over everybody. Street Fighter is probably the biggest game internationally, but America loves Marvel. That is America's game. And America gets pissed off when the same guy wins over and over. People had the same feelings toward Daigo. It's the same in sports; people hate the Yankees, people hate the Miami Heat. I think that's why people hate him, because he wins and then he talks trash and then he wins and then he talks more trash.”

“On top of that he plays a [character] roster that is really annoying not just to players but to spectators because of the amount of fireballs and things on the screen it just feels like it can never be beat. Morrigan's fireball spam and zoning is off-putting to a lot of people/spectators,” Breslau continued.

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Cameron Lai, the artist of the artwork entitled "The Problem" that depicts ChrisG atop a throne with his UMvC3 team surrounding him, even gave a brief explanation on what the painting actually represents.

“I find it quite poetic,” said Lai. “It echoes all that drama s***. It pokes fun at how lots of people like to call Vergil, Dr. Doom, Morrigan, and even ChrisG problems with UMvC3. But it also sums up what UMvC3 seems to be about at the top levels. If you take fighting games as problem solving (which I do), Chris G is THE problem that all the top players want to solve.”

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Source: The Penny Arcade Report. Tip by Kelpocalypse.

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