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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate's roster is final now, director of title talks about online improvements

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 15, 2013 at 9:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 40
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate's roster is final now, director of title talks about online improvements We posted part one of KarbyP's interview with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate's director, Yohei Shimbori, yesterday and we've followed that up with the final piece today, including some gameplay impressions of both Momiji and Rachel.

Shimbori mentions that the game's roster is final now, and talks about some of the improvements they've made to the online mode, like bug fixes for some players who were not being able to join lobbies, stage lag issues and he adds there are some new things that they cannot discuss, yet.

There's also some additional DoA5U gameplay footage. You can find all this and more after the jump.
KarbyP: With Leon and Rachel added to the cast, is the roster final? Or are you planning to include more characters?

Shimbori: The roster is final.

KarbyP: A friend of mine who goes by Shinobi (he's a Korea-born, Tokyo-based competitive Kasumi player and made it into grand finals/top 22 for Team Ninja's first official Dead or Alive 5 tournament in Tokyo) noticed in the new E3 trailer you put out that Kasumi and Hayate have new tag pose and tag throws added in Ultimate. He'd like to thank you for that, and at the same time, request specifically for Kasumi a new Great victory pose as well as new appeals/taunts.

Shimbori: Oh yeah, I know Shinobi. As for his request... I'll think about it when he wins a tournament. (Laughs)
KarbyP: I'm sure he's all fired up for the next tournament right now (laughs). Could you give us more specifics on what else you've added into Ultimate as far as tag poses and appeals are concerned?

Shimbori: We've tried to add as many tag poses and tag throws as we possibly could. So for instance, with the Kasumi and Hayate tag pair, they not only have a unique entrance pose, a unique victory pose, but they've also got two patterns to their tag throws.

Another example of one such pair would be Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji. We've added a lot of cool stuff for that tag pair, so please do check it out.

As for new taunts/appeals... actually we've added quite a few new taunts. as well as new taunt commands to activate them. It's actually still a secret, but the new taunt/appeal commands are actually in the demo version shown at E3.

(Attached is a screenshot showing all of Ayane's appeal commands in the E3 demo... can anyone spot if anything's different?)

Click image for larger version

KarbyP: What about stages? Personally I felt that a lot of the stages in DoA5 had this dark, gloomy, and overly serious vibe. But from the footage you've shown of the new stage Sky City Tokyo, as well as Lost World which you're resurrecting from past games, it seems like the stages new to Ultimate this time are more livened up.

Shimbori: We received a lot of feedback on stages, and we've really heard our fans loud and clear on what they wanted. For instance, we got a lot of requests from players all over the world for the Forest stage from Dead or Alive 3, so we thought "yeah, [since it's so popular] couldn't we bring that stage back for Ultimate? Why not?" And so that's in.

We also heard a lot of requests from our fans for a stage with many opportunities for players to knock their opponents off the stage, so that's why we brought back the Lost World stage.

Another request we heard a lot from our fans on was for a stage that has uneven grounding, like the undulations of a desert - and that's how we ended up putting in the Desert sage.

Since Momiji appears in DoA5 Ultimate now, we thought we definitely had to have a stage from the Ninja Gaiden series, so we brought over Sky City Tokyo and made it into a stage, as it's one of the settings that Momiji appeared in. We've tried to preserve the look and feel of Sky City Tokyo so it should feel very familiar to Ninja Gaiden fans.

Finally, there's this new stage that is really vast and great for Tag mode that we'd really like our fans to check out: the Aircraft Carrier stage.

Click image for larger version

KarbyP: Now let's switch gears for a bit and talk about one aspect that I think a lot of DOA players are anxious about: what sort of changes are you making to online to improve it?

Shimbori: Hmmm... where do I begin? There are just so many changes we're making to the online mode, and I guess the one that I can talk about now is that we've we've made improvements to alleviate an issue that players were experiencing with regards to not being able to join lobbies.

Another issue that we resolved from the original Dead or Alive 5 has to do with elements in the stages causing lag out scenarios previously.

But the changes we're making to online in Ultimate are not just bug fixes. There are some new elements as well, but I can't talk about them at this moment.

KarbyP: Finally, a message for all the Dead of Alive fans please!

Shimbori: Thank you for playing Dead or Alive 5. Because of the overwhelming feedback we received from all of you, we were able get another Dead or Alive game green-lit. We hope you'll enjoy Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate when it's out. Please look forward to it!

Character impressions


Plays a little like a combination of Hayabusa and Ayane. She has Hayabusa's Izuna Drop launcher.

66PP is a 2-hit mid attack that launches the opponent, not unlike Ayane's 6PP. Her other main tool for launching is 3P.

236P+K is yet another launcher, but this one leads into an automatic air combo that's similar to an Izuna Drop (but doesn't actually end in the Izuna Drop).

The full command for the string is 236P+K, PP P+G.

Like Hayabusa, Momiji has several attacks that let her approach from the sky, but because she has a double-jump, you can trick your opponent by stopping the string with an ender, or opting to go for the double-jump and going for a different ender.

She also has some kind of magic move where she spins in a 360 and hits her opponent with a fire charm attached to the back of her hair - sort of like the hair attack Millia from Guilty Gear has.


I did not notice the connection right away, but she's got many of Spartan-438's moves.

Her PPP and 1P (a low that trips your opponent up) work the exact same way as Spartan's did. Same for many of her kick moves.

However she has quite a few tricks of her own too. I don't believe Spartan had this, but one of the things I found interesting about Rachel is that she has a P, P, P+G string where she hits twice, and combos into the throw command which lets her flip over to her opponent's back, sort of like Fei Long's command grab. This can, however, be performed only once in a combo.

Her giant hammer swing animation thing that Shimbori talked about is one of her holds. There could be another way to activate the move, I'm not sure.

TS|Arturo Sanchez also sent in some more DoA5U footage from E3, which you can check out below. It happened around the time that the Beat a Pro challenge was going on with DOAMaster. Players had to beat him a round to win a Mad Catz FightStick. The crowd was going nuts, and everyone was hype for DoA. Plus there were some some special appearances from big DoA players like Chosen One, Swoozie, Shidosha, Tom Lee, etc.
In case you missed it, please read over part 1 of this interview here.
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