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Director: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a reflection of the feedback we received - more gameplay footage from the show floor

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 14, 2013 at 10:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 29
Director: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a reflection of the feedback we received - more gameplay footage from the show floor During E3 2013, EventHubs correspondent, KarbyP, caught up with Yohei Shimbori, director of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, to talk about the upcoming game.

Part one of his interview focuses on the system tweaks that the team made to the title, the play styles of Rachel and Leon, plus there's some footage thrown in for good measure.

You can find the rest of the content after the jump, but tomorrow evening we'll be posting the second part of the interview, which includes character impressions of Momiji and Rachel.
KarbyP: Tell us about what are the core gameplay changes you've made to DoA5 Ultimate.

Shimbori: Since we launched Dead or Alive 5, we received a lot of feedback from fans around the world. DoA5 Ultimate is a reflection of that feedback we received.

We've made numerous tweaks to the system, but the easiest one to perceive is probably the Power Launcher.

In the previous iteration, we had the Power Blow which was an attack you could use when your life was down to half or less, once per round. The Power Launcher is similar to that in terms of the activating conditions, but what it does is send your opponent flying into the sky, allowing players to follow-up with their custom juggle combos for massive damage, whereas the Power Blow sends your opponent flying into a wall.

Deciding when to use which of these two options is going to be a new tactical point that players will have to think about.
KarbyP: I see. Other than the Power Launcher are there any other game mechanic changes you could highlight?

Shimbori: The rest are not as easy to notice, but for instance, we've made quite a lot of changes to the Tag mode in DoA5U this time.

In previous Dead or Alive games when your partner is tagged out, that character can recover health for as long as he or she stays in the background — even all the way to full health. This time we've imposed restrictions on the amount of health that can be recovered (the maximum amount of recoverable health is decreased whenever you get hit; so basically it works like red health now).

We've also added a new attack option in Tag mode, called the Force Out which knocks your opponent's current character out of the ring to bring in the tag partner forcibly. After a successful Force Out, there are penalties like your opponent is not allowed to switch tag partners for a period of time, so paying attention and managing your health bars is quite necessary this time around, making it a higher-level game.

We've designed the new Tag mode for competitive, high-level players, and we hope that they will enjoy playing it in DoA5U.

KarbyP: This time at E3 you revealed Rachel and Leon. How was Rachel's fighting style conceptualized?

Shimbori: To put it simply, Rachel is a heayweight power-type fighter. She may actually be the first amongst the female fighters to be of that class, but basically her weight class is similar to that of Leon's.

As for her fighting style... I think that gamers who played Dead or Alive 4 might have noticed this already, but in DOA4 there was a certain guest character we had. [Since this is the Ultimate version of DoA5] we thought, "wouldn't there be fans who'd love to play this character again in DoA5?"

Unfortunately, due to certain obvious reasons we can't bring that character back into 5 anymore, right? Reporter's note: The DOA4 guest character Shimbori is referring to is Spartan-458, for the benefit of those of you who don't quite catch when he's getting at.

We'd love for fans who played Spartan-458 in DOA4 to give Rachel a shot. Her fighting style is quite similar to that of Spartan's. Spartan fights using the Close-Quarters Batte (CQB) combat style. Rachel fights using her fiend hunter style. Both are close-quarters styles, so they are quite similar in many regards.

KarbyP: Are there any special techniques you'd like players to notice about Rachel?

Shimbori: In Ninja Gaiden, Rachel has this move where she's swinging around the enemy on her giant hammer. In Dead or Alive Rachel can't bring weapons into the fight, but we've kept that move intact and tweaked it to be a bare-handed fighting technique instead.

Also, as she's a power-type character, even after performing an aerial grab on the opponent (putting him in a "bounce" state), Rachel can follow-up with more combo attacks after that.

KarbyP: What about Leon? Is he similar to the previous Leon? How is he different from Bayman?

Shimbori: Leon and Bayman have grown increasingly distinct from one another with each new iteration in the series.

But to put it simply, Bayman is about techniques. Whereas Leon is about power moves. So for instance this time Leon has a bunch of charge attacks that you can use to break the opponent's guard. He's a very direct fighter. We've also added a bunch of new throw moves for him, so please do give Leon a shot.
Part 2 of this interview is available here.
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