BloodyNights' Noob Saibot and Maxninja15's Mileena guides win EventHubs contest for April and May

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 2, 2013 at 11 a.m. PDT
BloodyNights' Noob Saibot and Maxninja15's Mileena guides win EventHubs contest for April and May Today we have two winners of the EventHubs forums guide contest for the months of April and May. BloodyNights will be awarded the $50 for his Mortal Kombat 9 Noob Saibot guide and Maxninja15 will also be given $50 for his Mileena guide.

Both of these guides do a great job of introducing their respective character and have a break down of normal moves, specials, combos and more. Be sure to check these out if you're looking to brush up in preparation for the release of Mortal Kombat 9 on PC.

If you are interested in writing a guide for next month's contest or you're just looking for a place to level up and gather information, visit the forums section here on the site.

All games are eligible for this prize and this contest is held monthly. Feel free to send your guides in via our submit news feature here on the site.

Below is a bit from BloodyNights' Noob guide to get you started. Hit the jump to check out a bit of Maxninja's guide as well.


+Powerful Zoneing Tools
+Powerful Mix Ups
+Has One of the Best Teleports in the Game
+Has One of the Best Anti-air's in the Game
+His X-Ray is Very Easy to Land, and Covers the Entire Screen

-Low Damage Output Outside of the Corner
-Lacks Combo Ability Outside of the Corner
-Slow Normals When Compared With the Rest of the Cast
-His Specials Tend to Overlap Each Other

Below is a snip from Maxninja15's Mileena guide.

Teleport Drop - 7% Damage (can be done in the air)

Mileena drops down into the floor and delivers a dive kick. This is best used for punishing Projectile spammers who forget that Mileena has a fast teleport. After you hit them Mileena has frame advantage and if you attack your opponent right after a teleport all they'll be able to do is either block or jump because almost any normal will beat out their normals. This special also can be performed in the air and after an air to air punch you can cancel into this to combo to your opponent. And this can also catch your opponent off guard if your opponent is jumping towards you and you're jumping back, use this and it will hit.

Now do NOT spam this move. If it's block Mileena will take a awhile to recover and it's just enough for Mileena to eat an uppercut or a nasty combo. This move is harder to punish if your opponent is crouch blocking but more than likely you'll get uppercutted. Don'tuse this move up close either, because Mileena can still be hit even when you think she's safe. The point where you cannot be hit is when Mileena starts coming from the air. even if a portion of her head is still in the ground you can be hit out of this and pop right out of the ground. So this can not be used as a get off me move when ever Mileena is being pressured, because of how long she is vulnerable.

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