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Mad Catz: We refuse to support tournaments that don't police collusion, VxG UMvC3 grand finals were a joke

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • July 28, 2013 at 7:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 211
Mad Catz: We refuse to support tournaments that don't police collusion, VxG UMvC3 grand finals were a joke Mad Catz's MarkMan was very vocal after the VxG 2013 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 finals. Many people watching the stream felt that EMP|Flocker and AGE|NYChrisG had colluded in the grand finals, and planned on splitting the pot after they took 1st and 2nd place, respectively.

Flocker and ChrisG selected teams that they don't typically use at the latter part of tournaments, straying from the squads that they used to get them that far.

When the unexpected team selection went down, Mad Catz's MarkMan took to Twitter to make his stance on the situation clear, stating:
MarkMan: If any of our players/teams ever throw matches or not play their best. They are getting suspended.

R0bSkii: Some companies really need to think about where their sponsorships for events goes. I understand they wanna help organizers but come on.

MarkMan: I wish I saw it in time to stop it/say something. But sigh. The event was good otherwise.
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MarkMan: We shouldn't have to, but we NEED to police this better in the future to ensure the legitimacy/respect for the event stays true. #WeOnIT

R0bSkii: It's sad to see the commentators not knowing Flocker won. They were like, oh he won, congrats. They weren't even paying attention.

MarkMan: I don't blame them. It was a joke finals.

To show how serious we are. As a company, we refuse to support events/tournaments & put money into it if organizers won't try to police it.

ltsang: So I guess you guys won’t sponsor VxG next year?

MarkMan: We will. We had a good experience this year.

CO_Chavelo: So why are you tweeting about split pots and thrown matches at the moment? Isn't that what just happened a few minutes ago? O.o

MarkMan: Yeah, but it's hindsight now. The organizers didn't stop it cause they didn't know beforehand. I'm not dumb enough to blame after.

Toddhunter: What do you think tournaments should do? Shut down grand finals or disqualify?

MarkMan: Stop them and tell them to pick their [stuff] or forfeit the prize.

RyoumaZY: Haven't you been saying this kind of thing for a while though? Since the first major instance anyway.

MarkMan: Yeah, but time to take a bigger stand, now.
Mad Catz has absolutely been one of the strongest supporters of the fighting game community over the years, specifically Mark "MarkMan" Julio, sponsoring tons of players and events, so these are strong words coming from someone who works very hard to make the FGC a better place for everyone.

It's likely that in the future, we'll see more efforts to put a stop to collusion, on behalf of everyone involved.

Source: MarkMan's Twitter.
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