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Ultra Street Fighter 4 feedback that was commonly requested by fans was a priority, but not all of it could be used

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • July 27, 2013 at 8:59 p.m. PDT • Comments: 145
Ultra Street Fighter 4 feedback that was commonly requested by fans was a priority, but not all of it could be used Exploring the ins and outs of rebalancing Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been a hot topic lately, and Silconera caught up with Capcom's Matt Dahlgren and Peter "Combofiend" Rosas to pick their brains on some of the approaches they're taking with the new game.

They state that although feedback which was commonly requested by the fans was a priority for them, they couldn't follow through on some of the suggestions because it ended up making some fighters too powerful.
"What we found was sometimes there was a mob mentality where some guy would request something radical and then everybody would jump in on that and that would make the character a little too strong, so we couldn't go with those. Things that did made sense that people latched on to such as make Ken walk faster so he has a difference between him and Ryu. Because he's supposed to have more flair, more speed, more kicks, and things like that," said Combofiend.
Still, Capcom wanted to make every fighter strong this time around, but do so without impacting the best characters too much. Hit the jump to read more.
"Our philosophy this time around has been to make everybody a threat," said Matt Dahlgren, fighting game manager at Capcom. We don't want to say these characters are the best in the game and nerf them — that isn't fair to the players that put a lot of time and effort in learning those tactics. The super powerful characters will have slight modifications, but our real intent is to take the lesser used characters and make them an equal threat as the top tier characters."
One of the examples the guys give is with T. Hawk, who's generally been a rare find at tournaments throughout SSF4's life span.

"T. Hawk was considered [one of the] bottom five in the game. Some of the requests were to make him faster and give him more tools so he didn't necessarily have to rely on his command throw," explained Peter Rosas, Assistant Battle Director on Ultra Street Fighter IV. "We gave people what they were requesting in terms of giving him more focus cancel options, giving him stronger attacks, and things like that. All in an effort to give him a better fighting chance against characters you usually see at the end of a fighting tournament in the top eight."

Dahlgren and Rosas also discuss the tweaks to Cammy, shoring up unblockables and more. Make sure you hop the link to read the entire piece on Siliconera's website.
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