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Combofiend: Ultra Street Fighter 4 changes could be reverted if they prove to be too restrictive, Fei Long’s crouching Light Kick 4 frames now

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 19, 2013 at 8:04 p.m. PDT • Comments: 139
The questions and concerns about Ultra Street Fighter 4 continue to flood in and Capcom representatives are addressing them at a break-neck pace. First up, our correspondent on the scene Jason24cf prompted Peter "Combofiend" Rosas about a specific change that has been made to Fei Long.

Currently in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Fei Long's crouching Light Kick start up has been increased to 4 frames, Peter confirmed. Combofiend went on to state that some character changes may be reverted in the future if seen as too restrictive.
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David "Dawgtanian" Hinds has also done his fair share of question answering in the comments section here on EventHubs. Hinds tackled a variety of subjects including Ibuki's Neck Breaker change, Makoto's progress, breathing new life into the franchise and more.

Right. Making regular Neck Breaker a soft knockdown is a small change that totally won't affect any match-ups. - Niyari

Dawgtanian: Changing Ibuki's neck breaker is indeed a rather big change, however one I feel is for the best in terms of making SFIV an overall more enjoyable game. We've improved her in other areas, so I'm not worried for a second that Ibuki won't still be a character to fear in the right hands.

I want to know more about my main Makoto D: please don't touch her too much xd - MisterVinuto

Dawgtanian: Fear not, Makoto's changes are awesome so far! Then again I do feel this way about every characters changes at the moment since we're focusing on making the worse characters better as opposed to nerfing the strongest too heavily.

If this new patch gives the game new life, I'm all for it. SF4 is getting stale. - Blzd

Dawgtanian: That's our aim, and to echo Peter's comments about being able to predict the characters in the top 8 of each major tournament, I feel it would be really exciting to not know who is going to win, just based on which character the player uses.

I have a feeling that this update will be the straw that broke the camel's back. 2012 finally achieved some semblance of balance. Yes, there is still stupid stuff, but when the best Balrog can beat the best Akuma, and when Gen and Makoto make top 8 at Evo, you know the game is balanced. I really think they are going to screw up this next update. I just hope it isn't too bad. - Vespesianus

Dawgtanian: I appreciate your concern, balancing any game isn't ever an easy task. This time however you have myself and Combofiend putting our heart and soul into this update, and will be heavily testing each and every change we make to ensure this is the best version of the game yet. Regarding Makoto and Gen making top 8 at this years EVO, there are still plenty of other characters that unfortunately stand little to no chance of getting that far. That's what we're aiming to change.

Lastly, Dawgtanian made a couple of interesting statements over on Twitter pertaining to USF4. Hinds said that not all changes are finalized yet and that there are still many more balance tweaks being made to the entire roster.
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