Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 match videos featuring Tokido, Poongko, Uryo, Kazunoko, Jyobin, Amiyu, Wildcat and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 4, 2013 at 9:12 a.m. PDT
Thanks to the good old RajmanGamingHD YouTube channel, we have a good amount of top-level Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 content for your viewing pleasure. These matches feature a lot of top Asian players going at it with eachother, and should hopefully quell your thirst for high-level matches before EVO comes around.

To start us off is a long video featuring a lot of online matches between top players such as Tokido, Poongko, Uryo, Amiyu and Jyobin. Check it out below.

Hit the jump for more high-level gameplay.

Next up is a video featuring many, many matches from Kazunoko where he uses both Yun and Seth, going up against notable opponents such as Jyobin and Desora.

The rest of the videos are smaller, starting off with one of Tokido going up against qroschannel, a T. Hawk-player and dolphin0520, a Cody-player.

Next is a video of Poongko, using Yun, going up against OnigiriSirasan, a Dan-player.

Finally, here's a video of Hakan-player Wildcat battling against Fentamu, who plays Yun.

If you want more top-quality content like this, make sure to check out the RajmanGamingHD YouTube channel.

Thanks to TheRedLantern for this news tip.

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