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Mago: To balance Fei Long you could take away his command grab & give him a special cancel-able cr. MP/MK - interviews with MarkMan, Jebailey, PR Rog

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 4, 2013 at 5 p.m. PDT • Comments: 80
On-the-scene EventHubs correspondent Jason24cf brings us a fresh batch of interviews from CEO 2013 featuring some very prominent people in the fighting game community. Below you will find discussions with MCZ|Mago, Mad Catz' MarkMan, EG|PR Balrog, CEO|Alex Jebailey and SkiSonic.

First up we have MCZ|Mago (accompanied by WW|Ryan Hart handling translation duties), discussing some of the possible changes he thinks could be made to Fei Long in the upcoming SF4 update. Mago feels that Capcom could better balance Fei by completely taking away his command throw (Tenshin), but to compensate, give him a special cancel-able crouching medium kick or medium punch.
Note: Unfortunately, during the trip home Jason24cf had his DSLR camera and lens critically damaged. This is the primary equipment he uses to produce interviews such as the ones in this article and his great product reviews.

Jason has opened up a small donation page in hopes to raise $1,000 to get the content creating up and running once again. If you enjoy these EventHubs exclusive player interviews, Jason's product reviews and have some money you'd be willing to chip in with, please click the link above and donate.

Hit the jump to check out a word from Jason24cf on the situation and the remainder of the CEO 2013 interviews.
After CEO my DSLR camera and lens were badly damaged during my return flight to NY. I used this DSLR to produce interviews, video product reviews, and capture photos of tournament events for the Fighting Game Community.

The cost to replace these items are beyond my means right now, even after putting my EVO funds towards them. I ask that if you have enjoyed my prior work, or would like to help me produce more content in the future, that you join with me by putting any dollar amount your comfortable with towards replacement camera equipment.

Your assistance would mean the world to me and would help me continue putting my time and energy into content for you to enjoy!

You can find samples of the work I've produced on my Youtube page at or on
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